Thursday, December 9, 2010

9 Monthiversary

My hubby is so so sweet and great sometimes all the time : )

For our 9-Monthiversary he took me on a surprise mini trip.
We've really only recognized (with more than just words) our 1st and 6th monthiversaries. For the 1st he got me fabulous purse I was eyeing. For the 6th, it was also his bday, so I planned a surprise night at a hotel.

For the 9th, he planned the surprise. I was told we needed to leave about 4pm and dress warm. Imagine my shock when I got in the car and the GPS said 80 miles to our destination! I was definitely thinking we were doing something local. Of course he tried to tell me we were going go-kart racing in town. Ha!
But I like surprises, so I just let it play out.
We ended up going across the state line and to a wonderful Christmas lights display at Bellingrath Gardens. It was so cold but perfect out. Just me and him, strolling down the flora and fauna pathways.
We also toured the antique home on the property. The owner/husband donated the home and land when his wife passed away. He was quite wealthy as he was one of the first bottle franchisees of Coca Cola. We listened to a chorale sing a few tunes. We ate tasteless nachos and crappy hot chocolate. But it was great to be together!

Then for dinner we went to Logan's on the way home and ate way too much artery-clogging food. Including some very very hot and fresh yeast rolls at a table in front of their fireplace. Oh, it was fabulous!

A poinsettia just as we went in

The lady who was nice enough to take our picture was not steady-handed : )

These were hanging from trees with a disco-light putting white spots on the ground. It was magical!

Up close

I was so cold!

I thought it was a gardenia. If it was, they don't smell nice in the winter. John made me toss it lest we be kicked out : )

Gators on the lake

Umm, a squid ppl! : ) In the ocean-themed section

Under the sea

On our way out

The Nativity was right before Asian land. And I'm fairly certain neither Mary nor Jesus were blond-haired and blue-eyed. Lol

Bottle rockets
Thanks for a great day honey! I love you!

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