Monday, December 13, 2010

Wintery Wonderful Weekend

Hi guys!
There are like NO pics from this weekend. : ( I really do need to get a camera. But- we had tons of fun nonetheless : )

Friday- Busy busy! Worked 1/2 day, got tires serviced, shopped with a friend, went on a double-date with same friend and her husband to a play/musical put on by the local university "A Christmas Carol." Let me just say that the singing narrator quartet was AMAZING! Like, perfect harmony and pitch, and all acapella. But it was pretty funny when after 3 rounds from the fog machine, the fire alarms went off for about 5 minutes.
Then we chatted a Starbucks for a bit, accompanied by good conversation and peppermint hot chocolate :)
Then we got a "we're not old" wild hair and saw the last showing of Chronicles of Narnia 3: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I personally really liked it. The ending made me homesick for Heaven. But we did not see it in 3D (a waste for most movies IMO).

Saturday- I had already decided I did NOT want to wake up early. So I slept til like 8:45. John went yard-saling for a few hours alone. Among his finds was a black polka-dotted gold umbrella for me, $3. I was so excited! (I chronically lose umbrellas by leaving them behind). I took Eby to the vet last minute. She's been licking a sore on her foot for awhile. First we are trying and anti-fungal ointment for a week, and if that doesn't work antibiotics are next. Then on the way home I stopped for a visit and sweets at my bestie's bakery.
The middle-of-the-day lull was spent doing house chores and lounging. The afternoon and evening was spent with mom: she treated us to yummy lunch at our fave Greek cafe, then we stayed downtown for the Christmas parade. It was fun, made better by some marching bands from New Orleans joining the parade. But my feet were killing me by the end! We stood for about 3 hours. Then mom took me to run a grocery errand. By the time the groceries were put away, I was pooped. But I pressed on- painted our fireplace set black with some grill spray paint, ironed a few things, switched out laundry, super-glued the heels of some boots, painted my nails and balanced our checkbook and entered our weekly expenses into the budget. Needless to say I did not go to bed til about 1am.

Sunday was church, followed by leftovers, followed by a nap, followed by a farewell dinner with some good friends. John got the most amazing salad ever tasted at Mellow Mushroom. It was a "build your own" and soooo yummy. My calzone was mediocre. But the conversation and fellowship was fabulous!

I fell into bed exhausted, but had a hard time going to sleep. Hence my severe reluctance to get up this morning and my afternoon jet lag. So tired!

But- my Christmas cards come in today!!!!! Yaaaay!

John moment: after we got into the car at Starbucks on our way to the movies: "We might really have married friends babe! Ones we don't have to worried about them feeling awkward and who aren't weird." Lol. I am pretty excited about having more married friends too!

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