Thursday, December 9, 2010

I better post this before the next weekend arrives!

So this week at work has been fairly busy, and to be honest, I hardly ever blog at home. Too many chores and things to do calling me!

So Friday, being the first Friday of the month, was church. It was chilly outside so I got to pull out the cute winter clothes. But to be honest, the best part was that at the end of service, I got to hold our worship leader's baby for about 45 minutes. He is just one of the cutest babies I have EVER seen! And he has a wonderful disposition. He's also a chunk, so my arms were hurting! If I could have a baby like that, I might change the plan and have one now! Oh, he's just scrumptious! I would put a pic but I don't know how his parents would feel.

Anyway, Saturday there were like a bazillion YSLs. Literally. We made several, and I scored some pretty sweet deals. John got quite a bit to resale too.
Cool vinyl chalkboard sticker, $1

LOVE these. $2! Felt like I was stealing. Have been offered $20 for them already!

So these are borderline ridiculous. But only 50 cents!

50 cents each. Kohls and Old Navy

$1 each. Gap and Old Navy

The whole fam reflected in the mirror I got for $5 Stealing for sure! Gonna paint the frame.

4 chargers, $2. Yellow pot, 50 cents
We also got a great baby gift for $2 and another gift for $10. Yes, we now give things from YSL! Why pay retail? Lol. I would put what they are, but they may go to a reader(s). : )
Hubby got some Adidas running pants, 50 cents, 2 Wii bowling balls, $15 (sold for $20 and $24 each), a special countertop oven, it's convection, conduction infared dome looking thing, $5, nice DVD player, $5, a single cup coffee maker with 2 Seattle's Best coffees, $20, 5 family DVD's, $12 and 4 strands of red and green Christmas lights new in the box for next year's tree, $8.
We got a lot this week!

Saturday afternoon we hung at the house and then later that evening I met up with my bestie and her sis for some amazing Chick-fil-a. Then I went to Ross and did some Christmas shopping. I abso-freakin-loutely love that store. I could spend all my money there, so I don't go too often.

Sunday after church mom and grandma joined us for lunch. I made Crock-Pot lasagna. Me and the Crock-Pot are becoming friends, especially on Sundays :)
Mom brought me some lover-ly Christmas cheer!
The guy on the left is an oven mitt : )
This week is/was packed with things to do! Caroling, Christmas music in the downtown park, clothes shopping with a girlfriend, a Christmas play (Scrooge)/double date, a Christmas parade, and a farewell dinner. Next weekend mom and I are going to the Nutcracker ballet! I won tickets on the radio and I'm so excited!

Hope your Christmas is packed with great things to do and great people to be with!

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