Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Arctic Mornings and Tropical Afternoons

Do you know how I left the house yesterday morning when it was 26 degrees? In Florida!
Like this: skivvies, socks, leggings, dress pants, closed-toed shoes, long sleeve shirt, 3/4 sleeve gauzy cotton shirt, denim jacket, wool coat, scarf, hat and gloves. It was so cold!
Do you know what the afternoon temp was in our office? 79 freaking degrees. Absolutely ridiculous! How is one supposed to dress for such extremes? I was down to skivvies, socks, shoes, pants and gauzy shirt. And my cheeks were still flushed. It's very hard to force on a coat to leave when your body feels slightly feverish.

Oh- to have control of our own thermostat. We almost all have small portable heaters for the mornings, but I have taken home my stand fan for our bedroom. I've gotta get another- pronto. Ludicrous that I am even typing these words in December!

I don't particularly mind the cold weather. In fact I like dressing in scarves, hats, boots and the like. But people who make the indoors like 80 when the outdoors are 30 make my wardrobing attempts extremely difficult!

This morning- 3/4 sleeve above-the-knee knit dress, denim jacket, leggings, Uggs, coat, gloves, hat
This afternoon- knit dress, Uggs when my feet get too chilly

Dumb people, just plain dumb!

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