Friday, April 6, 2012

Reflections of the Resurrection

So this week we celebrate the biggest event in Christian history.
Sure, we are thankful Jesus was born, but, we are even more grateful He died and then AROSE! His birth alone would not have been enough to pay our sin debt.

Last night on the way home from work I was listening to some old Christian worship music, and I was overcome with how much He has done for me and how little thank I've given in return.

Lately I've fallen into a pattern of listening to talk radio almost all the time. I've been missing out on sweet moments to reflect on my Jesus and to praise and worship Him.

It felt so good to take that time. I've been so busy lately with all the changes in my life, I know I've not thanked Him enough that I get to have all these changes. Not to mention, with the upcoming celebration of His victory over death and the grave, He deserves the utmost praise even if He never did another thing for me than that! But being the kind and loving Father that He is, of course He has blessed me with so much more.

I want to thank Him for His sacrifice. For the sacrifice of Father God to send His only Son to this world to be despised and rejected and yet to willingly lay His life down for me and all mankind who will receive Him. I don't know why He chose this as the atonement for our sins, as hard as it must have been. But I am so thankful. Thankful I can now live forever in Heaven through His blood.

I want to thank Him for my earthly life. There are so many here that I know cannot love me as God does, but who help me to understand a small part of the depth of the Father's love even by loving me with their finite love. I'm so fortunate to receive Christ's love and theirs. I've also been trying not too hold them so tightly as to forget to hold to God too.

I recently just watched the episode from 19 Kids and Counting where Michelle and Jim Bob discover she has miscarried their child. I was sooooo impressed by how they handled it. They quoted scripture "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord." They also said, "just as we do not all come into life at the same time, we do not all leave life at the same time". Wow. I don't want to think about having to give up anyone in my life, but I have to be realistic that at some point I will have to. I'll have to give someone back to Heaven before I am ready. I hope I can face it with grace that only He gives and lean on Him.

I want to thank Him for my unborn child. Being in the blogging world has made me much more acutely aware that getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and having a healthy child does not always come easy. Although I admit that I've found the first trimester to be pretty much not fun, I'm still grateful that we were able to conceive rather easily. I'm glad I have not had raging morning sickness. I'm grateful that God would trust us to be parents. To be the caretakers and shepherds of His precious child, someone we will hold account for to see that they grow in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

I want to thank Him for our home. I'm thankful we were able to find a place that is right for us. I'm thankful in advance the rest of the process will go smoothly. I'm thankful that we were able to get into a home at such an excellent price. I'm thankful it has enough storage that our business inventory will not have to be in the house. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to pick everything out for the house from top to bottom and not having to worry about covering over it later.

I want to thank Him for my new job. I looked for quite awhile before this one came along. Although it's always a bit scary to have a job change, I know this one came at the right time. I think it's more than fate that I accepted the job on Friday and found out Monday morning I was pregnant. The Lord knows my heart, that I desire to work as little as possible in order to raise our children. And now I am working less and having a child. I'm also excited about adding a new skill set to my resume. And it seems I will be blessed again to have a supportive and understanding supervisor.

So while all these changes at times threaten to give me a panic attack, I want to take the time to be grateful for them. Sometimes the path God leads us down to our dreams doesn't look quite like we planned, but as long as we arrive at the destination He intended, our lives should be truly fulfilled.

Thank you Lord for your sacrifice so that we might experience abundant life both here on earth and forever in Heaven with You.

HAPPY EASTER! He is Risen!

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