Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zofran is my fran :)

So yesterday morning we met with our new midwife. We both absolutely loved her and are so glad we decided to switch from an OB to a CNM. She was supportive and enthusiastic and I loved it when she told me it was "all about you". I laughed and said that's how it's been around our house too lately :)

She took like 30-45 minutes with us just talking and then she spent like 10 minutes trying to get the best ultrasound images she could. She included John in the conversation and was sure to make eye contact with him. He appreciated this and so did I.

I also liked that she is patient centered enough to happily oblige when I asked for a Zofran script. I was a little nervous that having more of a natural mindset she might be against medications in pregnancy unless absolutely essential. Thankfully she seemed to think nothing of it. She let me know that she would support "whatever kind of birth I want to have". That she is fully supportive of going totally natural but if I decide I need pain medications she will gladly support that too. She is supportive of laboring and delivering in whatever position you want. She even stated she's done a lot of hands and knees deliveries lately and that position seems to work well for babies whose shoulders are poorly positioned. She told us I could eat and drink in labor if I wanted (even though hospital policy frowns on this). She also let me know our best plan to have an all natural birth is to labor at home for as long as possible. To summarize, we loved her. I hope many more ladies in our area will consider her.

Anyway, let's talk about Zofran. My, it has made the first trimester so much more tolerable. I'm only 24 hours into it but it has improved my nausea a lot. I don't feel completely back to normal and I don't think there's any med that can do that, but, it has definitely helped. I think I did get a tad bit of a headache from it which apparently is a common side effect since it's a sticker on the prescription label. But it was mild and a lot more bearable than nausea. I did take a half dose this evening to see if it would still control the nausea and give me less side effects. But, I do already feel the nausea control is not as good with a half tablet. Of course since my nausea seems to peak in the evenings I should probably try and half dose in the morning and a full dose in the afternoon.

We still did not get to hear the heartbeat yet. I think next visit we will, as I'll be about 12 weeks then. But the ultrasound was a lot more clear and we could see the heartbeat much better. We could even see the baby moving its arms and legs! It was so sweet that our midwife was kinds giddy seeing the baby too. She was saying "Oh look, it's your baby! How sweet that is." It was kinda night and day from our first appointment with the OB, who was very appropriate and professional, but was more laid back. Kinda a "I've done this hundreds of times" attitude.

So anyway, I'm sure you've all heard more than enough about my OB appointment. :)

I'll sign off with the good stuff:

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  1. I'm glad you have found a midwife you like. I don't know if my OB is just different or what, but I love her and couldn't be more pleased with my hospital experience. All of what you described with the midwife is exactly how my OB has treated me with all three pregnancies. She's just awesome and I feel like God lead me to her, knowing what I wanted and needed. I think because she's a woman and just about 10 yrs. older than me and has kids of her own (born in her 30's also) that she can kinda relate to me and she's always been so supportive and encouraging. I'm glad the Zofran is workin' for ya. It's good stuff, huh? Enjoy being pregnant. It goes quick. I can't believe I'm over half way there already! We're having a baby boy this time. We found out on Easter. Have a great weekend!


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