Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Update 04-21-12

Hi guys, Still writing to you from the land of the first trimester. Unfortunately.

So, my weekends are still pretty mellow.
Saturday was rainy- so no yard sales. Instead I was a lazy bum until around 1 when we ran 2 errands. Then in the evening some friends came over to watch UFC with us. I was feeling so/so but it was nice to have them over.

Sunday was church and then laying around the rest of the day. To be honest, the Zofran is not working as well as it did that first day. I still seem to feel rather puny in the evenings. But I do think it is helping some, so I am glad for that.

This week at work I am orienting with a lady who works 6-2:30. I am getting there at 6:30. But still, getting up much much earlier than I am used to. However, the first two days of the week have gone well. My trainer told our head boss today that I was doing too well to spend the rest of the week with her and needed to move on! Everyone has been very encouraging and I'm so appreciative.

Also I'm loving the inexpensive cafeteria meals. Lunch seems to be the meal of the day where I have the most appetite and it's easier to think of something you want when you have like 20 choices. There's also a Subway in the cafeteria but I've yet to try it.

Today poor Gracie girl was my "baby" again. I'd ordered a sling online (it was free, just pay shipping, with a promo code = couldn't resist) and it came in today. I always use her out of the 4 dogs because she is pretty compliant and she does not shed. Don't want baby stuff covered in fur as long as I can avoid it. In the one time I tried it out- it did not seem as secure as the Moby wrap. However, dogs are not the best test subjects :) It was, however, a lot less bulky and seemed like it would not make you as warm as a Moby might. We shall see once baby gets here :)
We are pretty much set to close on the house next Monday. Some last minute things need to happen- but hoping we won't be pushed back. I'll be off all next week so we can paint and get things ready before we move in. Wish me luck, energy, patience and no nausea!

Well, that's about all I have for now! 

Oh- and I hope it's not permanent- but since Blogger offered this new layout- which I have not updated to yet, all my previous post history is gone and none of my labels are showing up! Grr. Oh haha, I just realized I was signed in on my husband's account. I think somehow he has administrator privileges. Weird.

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  1. Loved ur update! I ordered the free wrap and haven't seen it yet tho!?! So sorry u've had to go the zofran route though. Everyone told me to enjoy the first pregnancy and boy were they right!?! So enjoy all the R&R u can get without little ones the first time round and let john do all the painting while u sit on the front porch in the fresh air! :)


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