Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby White- Week 14

Ok so I figured if I want to have a "scrapbook" of pregnancy I better start documenting on this weekly. It's also been brought to my attention that several friends and family are wanting some updates! :)

We had an appointment with our midwife and were able to hear the heartbeat finally! I did not cry, surprisingly. To be honest, it still all seems a little surreal. It was a good and strong 156 beats per minute. Per the midwife this is still "girl territory". But we shall see. My next appointment is June 8th and she said I can schedule my ultrasound two weeks after that. So 5 more weeks until we find out if Baby White is blue or pink! :)

We may do a gender reveal party. Still have time to think about that.

I've been doing better with nausea this week. Three days out of the last seven I have not taken nausea meds. I find I do ok without them. Smells still get to me, however. Not that the nausea meds stopped that. But, they did make it easier not to feel puky when I encountered an offensive odor. My appetite is better, but still not great. I still have to keep something in my tummy or I'll get a stomach ache.

My belly is growing! Still no weight gain as of last appointment. But, things are sure shifting. My grandma swears I'm having twins or a big baby. Thanks grandma! But, she was always sick as a dog the whole time, there were no meds, and she gained very little weight. So, showing is not normal to her until very late. Yes, I know a lot of first time moms don't show until 5 or 6 months, sometimes even 7. Well, that's just not me and I'm not the only one! I was already carrying more weight in my middle before baby showed up. I'm just proportioned straight through the hip and butt and round through the middle.

So I snapped a quick pic on the way to the beach. I'm in my swimsuit which is nice and snug so you'll get the full effect of my belly. I don't look quite so obvious in normal clothes.

We're also on a good start for baby items- we have a crib, swing and bassinet. Over this weekend of yard sales we got a second swing (for my mom's house), a bouncer, a double stroller/carseat combo and an additional carseat (one to stay in my car and one for John's/grandma's car). I have a Moby wrap, a sling, a Boppy pillow, ear thermometer, some kids books and three receiving blankets.

Here's my baby loot from this week. I'm in the process of taking all the covers off everything for washing and scrubbing down all the pieces themselves. Man- taking them apart is like a jigsaw puzzle and I'm sure putting them back together will be as well!

It folds up really easy, you just slide over the red button, twist the handle and fold up! It's mostly grey with some pattern (as pictured left bottom corner)

The matching carseat. Can slip into stroller also. Has base. Whole setup- $50. Graco brand.

Swings, plays music and vibrates. For grandma. $20

Combi carseat and base to be our "second" carseat. $10

Bouncer/vibrating seat. $5

Boppy pillow w/cover $3 and 3 receiving blankets $1
So as you can see if it's a boy, we'll be set. But if it's a girl, I think all these things can work for that too. I'm making a conscious effort to get things that are as close to neutral as possible so they can be used for more than one baby. Plus, John already picked up a double stroller! Lol.

I'll update you with pics and stories again next week!


  1. Very nice!!!! Cori always starts showing right away even with her first she did. Can't wait to find out if it's a boy/girl!!!

  2. love the LOOT! glad your feeling better and have a bump to prove it! :)

    1. goondess, being prego takes away my spelling ability too I guess..."you're feeling...." lol and I was able to hide the first months a bit with Corrie Lynn and after that it's been downhill hiding the bump! LOL

  3. awesome looking stuff. Just make sure you are checking your expiration dates on our car seat. They are only god for 5 years and than they are considered a safety issue after that time. Strollers are good forever. Also noticed you said you have a crib if it is the older type with the side that drops down those are under recall and there is a repair kit that makes it so the side doesn't drop down anymore as it is a safety issue of dropping down all by itself and hurting baby or baby falling out after it falls. Excited to find out if baby white is a boy or girl. So excited for you and John and baby bump is looking cute.

  4. You look so cute!! I am going to be it's a girl...based on my own non-scientific theories!!

  5. I have the same double stroller and looove it! Aaaaamazing deals lady!


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