Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Update 05-19-12

Hi everyone!

This past weekend was so busy- I am sure I'm going to leave something out.

My dad and stepmom came for a visit. It was really nice to have them here to help with the house. Dad installed 4 ceiling fans and six light fixtures for us. All ugly fixtures have been banished! And my stepmom made us a fried fish dinner two nights. Of course this was fish my dad caught and vegetables they grew. Yum.

Remember these hideous things?
Well now there's this instead

And the ceiling fans were soooo eighties. White with brass trim and fluted ruffled bulb shades and oak-colored with brass trim and the same lovely shades. Now we have this!

I know the details look brass but it's just the lighting. They are nickel and the fans blades are espresso. With translucent-ish white marbled shades.

And I never took photos of the two bedroom fixtues and the hall/foyer/laundry fixtures, but let me tell you they were hideous. They looked very similar to these:

The square fixtures were converted to ceiling fans and the globe fixtures were changed to these:
Again, the glass is semi-transparent white marbled. Not sure why it's glowing yellow in the pics.

In between all the frustration of getting these mounted, we snuck in some trips to the beach.
Hermit crab racing
The kayak's first trip out this year. Beautiful Destin Pass.
We had a great time at the beach and I got a nice even coat of color :) Now I just need to keep layering it!

Dad and Gena also brought their new puppy, Miles. He's a 6mo old yellow lab and can be quite precocious. Poor boy just wanted to play, but our dogs were having none of it. They barked, growled and nipped at him all weekend. Thankfully he did not care one bit and just kept trying to play- by swatting them with his giant paws.
"I'm ready for dinner"

Unfortunately the plate was his dinner. Lol.
Me, John and my stepmom also went out yardsaling Saturday. We went to a great neighborhood sale and then about 2 others. I got a lot of baby stuff as listed in this post. I also got 2 nice wiooden folding chairs for $10, a curved shower rod for $7, a causal purse for $2, a beach chair for $1 and several other things I just can't seem to remember! We had to stop because there was no room left in the car!

Overall it was a great and productive weekend!

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