Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Update 05-05-12 The New House!

Hi everyone!

It's been a long and very productive week in The White House. Monday the 30th we closed on our home. Thankfully the evening of the 30th my midwife called in a script for Phenergan at my request, and it worked! Thank you Jesus! No really, there is no way I would have been able to do 1/4th of the things that needed to be done this past week.

I'd like to take a moment out to personally thank the researchers, test subjects, manufacturers, marketers, prescribers and dispensers of Phenergan. For reals. Thank ya'll. I have my life back.

So of course Monday evening also meant a trip to Lowe's. One of about 6 we've made in the last week. We got paint, light fixtures, ceiling fans...the works.

Tuesday through Friday at 2am we worked almost non-stop. And that was including help from my mom and her friend Andy. Literally every inch of the house needs painting. We've gotten about 75% of it done. I certainly flexed some muscles that are not often used. They did not like it, and they let me know! But I am so happy with the results. Our house has gone from the land of off-white and almond to the land of crisp, bright white and colors.

I can see that there are literally years worth of projects ahead of us. It's very hard for me to be patient about these things. I want it all done and perfect now. But, limitations of time, money and physical endurance will keep me waiting.

So, let me get on to the real reason you are here: pictures!

Left side, my garage

Right side, John's garage. The flagpole, antiquated monstrous TV antenna and mailbox are going, eventually. I'd also like to paint the front door a color.

Back porch

Back yard, full of sand burs. Good thing they're still green. Those suckers are getting mowed tomorrow!

Foyer/entry area. The door was almond, now white. The walls are now "Sand Trap" and "Lettuce Alone" New flooring will be laid at the end of the month.
Before- from the MLS listing. Cabinets were ecru.

Before, living room. Can you say 80's!!!

After- colors are now white, Lettuce Alone and Fudge Truffle. Ceiling fans to be replaced in a few weeks. All the common areas are going to be tile. You can't tell in the photos, but the carpet is in pretty bad shape.

Living room view from dining room.
Back  porch from MLS photos. Hate the color of the carpet. It's going!

And it's now a project area. Lol. Small dining area but we found a great fitting table. This tile will also be replaced.

Got this table and chairs for $20! All I had to do was recover the seats.

Kitchen- the white patch is where we had to repair a large hole in the wall from where a stupid small tilted TV stand was bonded to the wall. Short term plans include sanding and painting the cabinets, which have a nice thick coat of shellac. What fun that will be. Long term plans include new counter tops and appliances.

Laundry room. These built in cabinets really are nice. To the left is the washer and dryer area.

Our "new to us" front loaders from Craigslist. They have a good bit of cosmetic wear and tear, but I am still thrilled to have them!

Guest bath before. Man, it was filthy! The patches in the wall are from where towel bars, cup holders and toothbrush holders were mounted to custom wooden plaques and then mounted to the wall. Ick!
Imagine this wooden plaque behind every fixture in the bathrooms. These light fixtures are going in a couple weeks.

Nice, clean and bright
Wooden toilet seat replaced. Flooring going in a month. Light fixture in a few weeks. Long term plans- new counter top, mirror and faucet, paint cabinets.

2nd bedroom- will be the nursery. Leaving it untouched until we know the gender. Will be getting new carpet.

Our few baby things!

Master- hard to tell in photos but the walls are a light grey called "Whispering Wind". I have a wall cling quote that says "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" that I'll be putting above the bed.

View from the bathroom

View from the hall door.

View from the bed. John's chest of drawers is now in the office. He was willing to do that to keep a king size bed :)
The baths were pretty much the same. Nasty toilets and floor. He actually had custom made rugs that covered all the vinyl in the bathrooms. And they were white! (or used to be). Those things went ASAP. But the floor has a funny smell and I can't wait for it to go!

Now it's a sunny yellow! I have a white tiered ruffles shower curtain on the way! Plans for this bath are the same as the hall bath. Except some day I'd also like to move the left recessed medicine cabinet. It's placed really awkwardly. Like between the vanity and toilet. It should have been centered over the toilet for pete's sake!!!

And tonight, floor demolition began!
So we are very glad to be in our first place. I'm happy with what it is now and excited for how it will be even better someday!

Now pray for John, because the honey-do list is very long! And for future reference, if you ever want to get us anything at all, we want Lowe's gift cards! Lol


  1. Love your colors and your bedspread! And 2 separate garages is a dream come true! He won't have to fight with you over all your strollers and you with him about his lawn crap. :)

  2. Loving all your choices for your new digs. Home ownership brings a plethora of "honey-do" things. We're in the process of getting new carpet this month, we have plans for a shed, and a new fence. It will all get done in time. I know it's hard to be patient. Especially when you're pregnant and the "nesting" instinct sets in to get everything done before the baby arrives! Be safe with the dr. said no painting or staining for me. I know you're taking precautions. Sometimes I forget things like that and just forge ahead. Enjoy your week!


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