Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby White Week 15

Hi guys!

I'm glad to say things are going much better this week. I've only taken meds once, and that was in the evening for some bad nausea/heartburn. Did you know that stuff about heartburn meaning the baby has hair is true a lot of times? I totally thought it was an old wives' tale, but my pregnancy book says the same hormones that control the baby's hair growth contribute to heartburn in the mother and that a study showed 80% of moms who had heartburn ended up having babies with a lot of hair. Who knew?

It did get me to thinking- John's family does have super thick hair. Maybe the baby will have a nice full head of it too!

I still tire pretty easily. I still have not gained any weight. In fact I lost 3 pounds initially and have not gained them back. I haven't really had any cravings, but my taste buds are still wonky. I never know if I'll have an appetite for dinner or not. Evenings are still peak nausea time for me, but it's not nearly as bad as it was. I still have not gotten back into exercising, and I really need to change that.

Another thing that has improved is my belly is not as sensitive as it was. I can take a little more pressure on it now. And I was just noticing that the hypersensitivity of "the girls" has all but gone away. I mean- that's never an area that wants to be squished- but I think my pain tolerance in that area is about back to normal.

My grandma asked me tonight if I was enjoying being pregnant. I did not answer, because I find my feelings to still be pretty mixed. Being pregnant is not easy. To feel like you are losing control of your own body is a very strange feeling indeed. To be more dependent than usual is difficult. To admit that you feel that way is also strange. I didn't expect to feel this way. I expected to be one of those mushy-gushy "miracle of life" types. And I think as I start to get a real belly, feel the baby move, ready the nursery, see a more discernible sonogram photo, etc.. that I may start to feel that way. But for now I think it still all seems a little surreal. Also with so much else (a new job and home renovations, mostly the latter) going on, it has taken away the ability to "focus" on the pregnancy. But I think that's also good, because if I could have focused any more on my misery in the first trimester, I might have died. :)

I did successfully dismantle, wash and reassemble the stroller this week. Took me two hours to get that thing back together! But it is squeaky clean now. I also hosed down and scrubbed the crib siderails. Now our baby won't be eating any other baby's slobber germs :)

I look forward to getting our floors down (another 2 weeks!) so that I can finally setup the nursery furniture and hang photos and such. So far I've only hung two things on the wall in our house. I just feel like I need to keep things sparse until I am sure they won't be bumped, broken, covered in dust or be in the way.

My grandma tried to tell me again tonight that she thinks I'm having twins. I'm about sick of it. I told her rather vehemently that I am NOT! having twins. Her reply was "you don't know that for sure". Yes I do! Then came the "I knew women who didn't know until they delivered because one baby hid behind the other." My mom and I explained (again) that testing is much more sophisticated these days and my sonogram, fetal heart tones and labwork all indicate just ONE baby!!!!

So to show you the reason she thinks I am having twins, here's this week's photo:

And there you have it! Me and the twins. Lol.
Next post I'll officially be four months! Which is actually only three days away... see you then!

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