Saturday, June 30, 2012

Baby White Week 20- It's a ...

So this weekend we had our Gender Reveal Party! I'll start off by getting some of the basics out of the way first though...

This is me going to work. Sorry that we had to use a cell phone pic. Terrible quality.
But as you can see, most people at work would not know I'm pregnant unless I told them.
Scrubs hide a lot :)

Also, Baby White got another yard sale find this week- $8!

A basically new Diaper Champ. I wanted this kind since it uses regular trash bags.
My belly is getting cumbersome for bending and squatting. I've needed to do a lot of that this week. The work on the house was close to grueling, combined with the heat. It was an all-day frenzy Friday and Saturday, but with the help of good friends and family, we did get the party done!

We had about 10 people over. Our AC froze up right before the party was about to start. So fun. Thankfully it came back on. But it still doesn't seem to be getting as cool as what we set it to. We may need to have it checked.

Everyone visiting

Daddy and his kids. We each wore pink and blue, so as not to give it away

More socializing

My lovely Pastor's wife and my best friend

Lauren loves to be in photos

Wish I had taken a better shot of the cake. But it read "Pink or Blue we can't wait to meet YOU!

Team Blue- 6 votes

Team Pink- 4 votes

We wore both ribbons- to keep them guessing!


Baby Sarah was loved by everyone!

Dusty took some time holding her

Time to cut the cake and see what color it is!

It's pink!

Strawberry and chocolate!

We're going to have a little girl!

And now you know!
I was pretty surprised to find out it was a girl. I think I had myself psyched-out that it was a boy. I knew that's what John really wanted and I think I was hoping it for him too. But, the good Lord above knew from the start we'd have a daughter first. And it will be so much fun to dress her and decorate the room and such! I also think it will be very sweet to see the daddy daughter relationship develop.

So, you can see some of the house renovations in the photos. But I'm going to take a few more photos tomorrow and then do a separate post for that.


  1. Yay! I called it!! Girls and (extreme) nausea go together! Congrats! Love the party!

  2. Congratulations! I am thrilled for you both. Girls are so much fun. The clothes, hair,'s a blast. Now I'm getting to do everything again, but with a baby boy. It will be totally different, but fun, as well. Can't wait to hear all the names you're tossing around! Fun times!


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