Thursday, May 9, 2013

How do you spell your name?

That is the simple question that led to an amusing yet saddening conversation at work. To simply and protect the players in this history lesson gone awry, there will be me, A, B, C, and D. A mix of medical professionals at a nursing station.

A: How do you spell your name
Me: Sara-h.
A: Well I meant your last name, but do you know I would have spelled your name without an h? That's how modern I am.
Me: That's the naked way. The Jewish people spell it with an h and they originated the name.
B: Are you Jewish?
Me: No, but it's a Hebrew name from the Bible and in the Bible it has an H.
C: Sarah, wasn't she Lott's wife who turned into salt?
Me: No, Sarah was Abraham's wife.
C: Well what was Lott's wife's name?
Me: I don't think she had a name listed in the Bible.
A: What about Ruth, whose wife was she? Was she Lott's wife?
Me: No, Ruth was Boaz's wife.
A: Boaz? Are you sure? There must be another famous Ruth in the Bible.
Me: No, not that I know of. Ruth was a widow and her mother-in-law was Naomi and she married Boaz.
B: Are you looking all that up? How do you know all that. Wasn't it Abraham's wife that turned into a pillar of salt? Oh man, I'm Catholic I should know that.
Me: (SMH) No, Abraham's wife was Sarai, then later renamed Sarah. Lott's wife isn't named.
C: Oh that's right, Sarah couldn't have a baby and she had one when they were really old.
D: Yeah, she got turned into a pillar of salt cause she looked back when they were attacking the city.
A: Do you know why the city was being attacked?
D: Cause they were bad, for punishment.
Me: God reigned fire and brimstone down on the city in judgement.
C: Lott's wife's name was Edith.
A, B, D and me: Edith?
Me: What on earth has Mr. Google told you now?
C: Lott's wife isn't named in the Bible but some ancient Hebrew texts refer to her as "The Dew" which translates to Edith.
Me: I told you she didn't have a name. None of you are allowed to teach Sunday School. Sheesh.

It was comical how twisted up the story became, like a rendition of "Who's on First?"
But I was sad that people old enough to be my parents, and almost grandparents, didn't have a firm grasp on some very basic Bible.

Oh the conversations nurses have.

Happy Nurses Week!

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