Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stroller obsessed

Lately I find myself aimlessly browsing Craigslist and VarageSale looking at strollers.

I have a small basic umbrella stroller, and the snap in stroller that just holds the carseat. But I'm feeling that I need a big deluxe stroller too. For Disney, which is not til September. Which I could borrow my mom's full size stroller for. But alas, I still have stroller envy.

I want a jogger stroller, not because I job. Because I'm convinced that I need the big wheels for going through dirt. And I like the idea that if I did want to jog, I could smoothly.

But I do like all the bells, whistles and accommodations of a regular full size stroller too.

Jeep makes an "all terrain" stroller that is supposed to be the best of both worlds.

I need to be able to road test these things!

Then there's whether or not to go gender neutral for the color. But if/when we do add to the family, won't I need a double stroller anyway? Ahhhh! I make myself crazy.

Traditional Deluxe Stroller- gender neutral

Jeep All Terrain gender neutral

Jeep Jogging Stroller

Cosco traditional stroller gender neutral

Chicco all girl
Did you have a stroller type you like best? Why?


  1. Graco travel system....we've used it for all three kids and I wouldn't go on a trip without it! We also have the Graco double stroller so we can put two kids in it when we're on a trip and I want to keep tabs on the younger two without worrying that our toddler would wander off. It's the same as the travel system, but with an extra seat! I personally wouldn't have an umbrella stroller, as there is NO storage space for snacks, jackets, diaper bag, my purse etc. And Mommy needs a place for her coffee or water, too, know what I mean? Just my two cents....hope it helps!

  2. Hey, I remember reading on a blog recently that the lady took back packs to Disney for storing their items, too. I still think I'd go with the travel system stroller, because with an infant, someone is going to be with the baby, who isn't going on the rides, at all times anyway. Hope that helps.


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