Friday, May 31, 2013

Feliz Aniversario

So I never scheduled this post to appear, as I had intended to. Pretend you saw this on May 27 2013.

Today marks the start of 3 years of blogging. Or the completion of 2 full years.

My blogging has been much less reliable in the six months since Sophia has joined us earthside. I'm ok with that. My blog was never meant to be anything more than something for my enjoyment.

I've just added lots of others things in my life to enjoy in the last three years.

The blog has definitely just turned into a journal of sorts. A way to share our lives with family and friends, and even just random internet followers.

John setup an email account for Sophia that we write to her on, for her to enjoy someday a good bit from now. And I find that I don't write that often, because I chronicle so much of what is going on in our lives on here.

When I started blogging I was a new wife, and now I'm a new mom. What I no longer am is a new blogger. The "new" has worn off. I still like it, but don't find myself making the time for it like I used to. Switching jobs didn't help either. There's no personal time at work anymore.

I can't think of anything insightful or witty to say. I can think of a rundown of everything that's going on in life. Life is good. I'm thankful for all my readers, all my family, and this blog!

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