Friday, May 31, 2013

Nom Nom Nom

That's not exactly what Sophia thought of her first non-dairy meal.

Tomorrow baby girl turns 6 months, but momma gots to work. And I wanted to do this on a day I was relaxed and happy.

So I steamed a sweet potato in the Baby Bullet Steamer and then I pureed it in the Baby Bullet Blender.

I bough an avocado too, but I wanted to use the whole system so I went with the sweet potato first.

Here's what she thought of it

1- The bib is yummy 2-I'm not too sure about this 3- Still not sure 4- Not sure I like it

1- I'll give it another try 2- Ick 3- Really ick 4- You're not getting that in my mouth again

1- Please don't 2- I said no! 3- Yucky! 4- What is this crap, yuck!
So she didn't love food on the first go round. But I expect her reaction was extremely normal. So we'll keep trying once a day for awhile, changing foods every 4 days.
She was really eager on the first bite, because she loves the bottle and putting things in her mouth in general, so she opened right up. About 4 spoonfuls in she was for sure done.

The good news, one sweet potato makes like 15 servings (1T) of baby food. So she'll be eating this again :)

Oh, here's the first bite in real time

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