Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weight Watchers Update

So John and I have been doing WW since the third week in February. To be honest it doesn't feel like our lives have changed all that drastically. Right now we don't have to sacrifice too much to get a reward. I'm sure as the points go lower that will change.

I am down 13 pounds altogether, and John is down 25.

When I made it to my first goal (5% of body weight lost) I rewarded myself with a haircut. It was my first since Sophia came and my "mom" cut. I was excited to get it. I had short hair when John first met me and he actually prefers it this way. And I prefer a change! :)

I went with a stacked bob, but a long one.

I've had several people over the years classify my hair as "thin". But my stylist says I actually have a lot of hair, it's just very very straight. Except for this one patch in the back near the nape of my neck, where my hair is borderline curly. I think this has only happened since being pregnant. Crazy hormones.

Also on a day I was feeling "skinny" I decided to take a body shot. I resisted the urge to suck it in :)
If this is the way I looked sitting down I'd be thrilled. Unfortunately when it's not all stretched out I have significant gut :( But still, I am happy with the progress.

And what does WW eating look like? Well it's probably one of the most no-fuss well supported programs out there. There are just gobs of recipes on the internet. But my meal planning is even simpler than that. We use the E-Meals service Portion Control Menu to plan our dinners. I save the recipes we enjoy. Here's a sampling of our meals:

Spinach feta topped chicken with a baked potato

Sausage, carrot and white bean stew

Tuscan chicken with herb roasted potatoes

Cabbage and sausage soup (surprisingly good!)

Ham and Swiss quiche

Spinach Alfredo over spaghetti squash
 So the food is all really normal, just lightened up. Some of the substitutes we make regularly are: spray butter for real butter, grated parmesan for shredded cheese, 2% milk reduced fat cheeses for full fat cheeses, fat free milk, egg whites for whole eggs, extra lean ground beef for ground beef, light dressings for regular dressings. John loves to have 2 tablespoons of parmesan (regular kind) on lots of his foods because it is only 1 point. A lot of recipes include chicken broth for flavor.

So if you're thinking you'd like to lose a few pounds, but don't want a drastic lifestyle change, and want to feed your family the same food you need, this is the plan!

I'll update you again once I reach my next goal!


  1. Wow! 13 lbs. since February. That is really good, and Sarah, you look fantastic, Momma! I know what you mean about the "gut"--after three C-sections, I've kinda decided that it's quite possibly always going to be there and I should just get used to it. WW looks like a good option for us....we're both looking to shed a few pounds. I'll have to give it a try!

  2. Wow, great job and that "weight loss" food looks better than my junk food!:O

  3. Looks like normal eating to me! I must check it out! :) congrats....u are probably down a size or two! :)


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