Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fishing trip

Two weekends ago John and I went out on a friend's boat. I know I must be getting old because getting up at 4:30 was not as hard as it should have been. :(

This was my first time to fish since I was 5. I have been on several boats, just never fished. It was definitely a nice change. The boat was kinda basic, it's an old shrimping boat apparently, but, it did have a sun deck with two PVC loungers on it. Funny thing, sitting on these loungers on an open deck on a boating that rocks, from a range of gently to violently, kinda hard to get used to. And on our lovely trip, I had finally relaxed enough to not have a death grip on the supports of the sun deck and was drifting off to dream world...when the boat started rocking violently without provocation and the chairs started sliding all over the deck! Now the 2 chairs are zip-tied together and zip-tied to the boat frame. My friend who has been on this boat before says "It's ok, they move a little sometimes." Well at this point we are moving so much that I am about to hit my head on a metal pole supporting the deck. I grab onto the frame. It's only then from below that a buddy observes "Hey, the chairs have come untied from the boat." Me thinking- ya don't say? Lol. That was quite the experience.

Overall we had a nice time. Unfortunately, the fish weren't biting and I think the overall catch was like 5 or so :( I did put my license to use and caught some bait fish. 
A redneck boat day on the Redneck Riviera :)

Laying on the ill-fated chairs- before the nearly killed me

DH and buddies

Us on the boat

A's catch and J trying to kiss it. Spanish Mackerel
2 for M!

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