Friday, September 10, 2010

Hubby's bday

So Tuesday was his actual birthday, but the gifts started last Friday,
With #1- I became a brunette. For some reason, my gentleman does not prefer blondes :) And it's also a lot shorter because I finally got rid of all the damage I did last year with multiple self-colorings. I let a professional handle it this time.
#2- Got up at 6:15 to go yard saling. Hubby LOVES to do this. Although it may have ended up as a curse rather than a gift. I got very cranky when it was past noon and we were still out. I took a 3-hr nap that afternoon and still felt dead for the rest of the day.
#3- Clothes shopping. He needed them! But the actual shopping is more of a gift for me! :)
#4- Sunday afternoon I surprised him by driving to a hotel across town where I had made reservations for a 1-night staycation of sorts. We ate dinner out and then took advantage of the hot tub and a night free from responsibilities.
#5- Monday- more clothes shopping and thrift store shopping.
#6- Tuesday night after work dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (courtesy of mom) with 8 great friends. And then mom and I went in together to get a ClearPlay. To learn what it is go here: Coolness!

So it was a busy weekend! But fun. Then Wednesday John had an MRI. Good little wifey insisted to be in the room when they did the dye injection. Gotta be the moral support for someone who hates needles!
So all in all this week went by really fast.
Here's some visualizations :)
New hair- and a skinny hot hubby!
Got up early Tuesday to make breakfast- "egg in a nest"

The gang at dinner
The results of our carnage- the number will not be revealed
Us : ) <3

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