Thursday, September 2, 2010

Exciting weekend ahead!

Once again, Friday cannot get here fast enough! I live for the weekends. It's kinda starting to affect my weekdays :) Oh to quit work, how I dream of thee :)
Anyway, this weekend is to me, hubby's bday celebration weekend!
His birthday is not until next Tuesday, but with Monday being a holiday I feel like the whole weekend will be relaxing, restful, and hopefully fun! I have some stuff up my sleeve :)

I think our plans include possible yard saling (for hubby) cause Lord knows I DO NOT want to get up that early on a Saturday, church Friday night and Sunday morning and some clothes shopping. Tuesday night we will go out with friends for dinner at one of our favorite places for wings.

In other news, I had a "I need to be in much better control of my health" day this week. I felt fat and unattractive. Especially since we need to go clothes shopping for the hubs because his clothes are getting too big. Yay for him, whaaa for me. He has lost 20, I have lost 5. So I'm trying to get a new passion for being healthy again. Cutting out all the little snacks and indulgences and getting back to exercising. It's kinda sad that I can already see my body changing from the way it was just a couple years ago. It's not per say that my weight has changed, but rather the way I carry it. My middle is getting much too rotund and mushy for my liking. So I am going to count on daily crunches to see if I can tone that up some.

This past Sunday, John and I were invited to the dedication luncheon for our pastor's grandson. Pastor's daughter (also the baby's mom) is on staff at the church too, so all staff were invited. Since I'm the staffer's "plus one" I got to go. It was nice. I even tried to coordinate our outfits for the day. Does anyone else do that? I know it can be dumb, but I think it's fun to dress alike sometimes :) On Sundays I pick John's wardrobe, so I pretty much have free reign :) This Sunday I chose to wear a navy satin sundress- and get this- yellow peep-toe flats. Very nautical. So I chose for hubby to wear a solid yellow dress shirt, navy paisley tie and khakis. I tried desperately to get a clear pic but the self-timer on my camera decided not to cooperate :(
So these are the best I got:

silly man :)

We had a nice time visiting with the other staff, especially another newlywed couple our age. The youth pastor and his wife just returned from their honeymoon a week ago! How I envy them! I would love to take our honeymoon again! It's just a fleeting thought at this point- but the youth pastor and I both agreed that we should plan a couples' cruise for next year. There are quite a few newlywed/young married couples in our church. I think it would be fun! But we shall see.

I did get to hold the baby! He's cute. Then (shock!) John asked for him. 
I snapped this funny shot of them together:
It's like Austin Powers or "The Thinker" gone goofy :)

John likes to act ambivalent about kids- but I can see now that our future babies will have him all wrapped-up in awe :) And that our kids might be seriously warped from the weird faces he gives them and the wacky things he tells them! :)

Next week I'll have some new pics for you!


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