Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekend Update

Lol, that was always such a funny skit on SNL back in the Fey/Fallon era. :)
Friday night- what the heck did we do? I really can't remember. Sheesh. I'll have to ask John.

Saturday- YSL again :) Did not get too much for myself this week. No clothes or shoes. I only spent about $6. I did get a gold lame wallet and some bronze/gold looking earrings. Then a nice ladle and some thumb tacks. Lol.
We did get a cool dry-erase calendar to hang on John's wall in his office for $2. We did do pretty dern good for re-saleables. We got some car stuff I don't really understand- an airlift kit and controller. And of all things a raised toilet seat :) Oh- I did get 2 scarfs. One of which is currently tied on my purse :) The best find- an authentic vintage Burberry full-length tan trench coat and matching plaid silk scarf. For $20. We will see what eBay brings us :) It was so funny cause I was looking at it, and it was one of those nosey garage-sale hosts that tries to talk up their items and be your personal shopper. I tried it on- on me it was awful. Too big, too long. So John walks up and I was like "Whaddya think?" I didn't want to flat out tell him I did not care at all what I looked like in it but rather what it was worth right in front of the lady. He hated it. The lady was like "Well, if your husband doesn't like it, you shouldn't get it." Lol lady, I looked like a tan sack. So anyway, we went to the car and hopped on the iPhone. Saw they were selling for decent and went back. I was like "Oh, haha, I won him over." Then she said she had a Burberry silk scarf inside she would sell us for $5. Yes please. She had the original wool one that came with it but wasn't willing to part with it :( Anyway, the whole situation was funny. We also got a really nice recent women's Fossil watch for $5. I wanted to keep it but it was chunky bangle style and did not look the greatest on me.
This week we sold the Electrolux and Oreck vacuums. Had a bite on the wetsuits and dog carriers. We will see.

Saturday night we watched Invictus on the ClearPlay. Good movie. We also rearranged the living room furniture and mopped the living room. Good thing I did not mop the kitchen because that night the little terrors torn up the garbage again. Sweeping up garbage and mopping was not my plan for 7am on a Sunday. Grrr.
Sunday we had church, grocery shopping, football watching and a small group leaders meeting.

I am loving this weather, Breezy and cool in the shade. Still a tad warm in the sun. Wish it would stay but I know Florida and it's too soon in the year for that.
Yesterday I wasn't feeling well and stayed home. I did manage to get some things done in the house, and it was so nice being able to be home and not have to save all my housework for nights and weekends. It was also nice being able to start dinner at 4:30 rather than 6:30 and take my time cooking it. I look forward to the day this will be the norm *sigh*. Anyway, for now it is what it is.

BTW- I am in a new small group at church. One of the greatest ladies in our church decided to start an invitation only group for the young ladies. Several newlyweds, new moms and single ladies of marriageable age. We meet twice a month and it so so great to get the fellowship of other women and learn from those who have gone before. Just to have someone to bounce questions off of and share struggles with. It really is nice.

I am sure this post has typos, but I'm in a hurry :)

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