Thursday, September 23, 2010

A fantabulous weekend and picked up some great YSL stuff

So this past weekend was quintessential IMO. I had done all the house chores during the week, there were no Friday afternoon cleaning plans, and there were no plans at all really.
Friday afternoon I got released from routine chiro care and now only have to come as I need. Yay!

Then Friday night I felt extra-refined because the hubby and I attended our first Gallery Night. this has been going on for yours in our area but I've never been. They rope off the streets of our downtown/historic area and most of the art galleries, stores, restaurants and cafe's in the area stay open late. We went because we thought an exhibition of sculptures made from canned goods sounded very Norman Rockwell-ish and potentially interesting. They ended up being ok. What ended up being better was walking through the lovely area holding my love's hand, looking at strange art, meeting the faces behind some local radio personalities and watching John's portrait be sketched in charcoals. Oh- and free appetizers from the local health food market. There was also lots of free wine and beer and plenty of people looking silly consuming too much of it, yuppies stumbling in their high heels and blazers. Lol.
The best part was a new restaurant discovery- the Jordan Valley Cafe. I had a coupon so we decided to try it. It's Greek food. Lo and behold, my hairdresser was in there chowing down. She highly recommended it. (And on a great side note she told me to come in and she'd put a toner on my hair, since it has already faded several shades. Score!) Anyway, her recommendation did not disappoint. It was to. die. for. I had a gyro, Greek salad and Spanikopita. It was so yum. We even tried to eat there for lunch Sunday but they were closed :( Then after all that hubby surprised me with a trip to the beach to see Jupiter and the Moon through the telescopes of the local Jr. Astronomers Association. It was a GREAT date night!

Then Saturday was a calm, I'm-not-grumpy-from-lack-of-sleep, productive time yard-saling. I will now coin my own acronym- YSL :) No, not Yves St. Laurent, yard-sale :) I snagged some great finds. We also got quite a few things for re-sale. I always enjoy it more when I find stuff for us personally rather than just to re-sale. John bought an antique sewing machine for $3. I had a lot of fun researching it to find out what year and model it was, etc... I would like to know more about the value of older items as I am sure we could make more money, but there are so many items out there to know about I don't know where to start!
One of our finds was the complete LOTR set. So that's what we spend the evening and Sunday afternoon doing. And now they can go up for re-sale :)

Sunday we vegged at my mom's. She is coming home in like 2 weeks so it will be one of the last chances we get to have control of her flat-panel TV with satellite :)

All in all it was a very fun weekend!
$1 each barely worn. On the right is from Loft. Just wore them and got lots of compliments
All $1 as well. Love the thongs. The spikes are sexy, but painful ;)
$1 or 2
$2. Currently wearing. Comfy- love!
Wore it. Possibly makes me look like a hippo. Will try again with leggings n boots once it's colder.
Both $1. Necklace is cute but scratchy. Haven't tried bracelets.


  1. I will have to try JVC out...I <3 Greek food!!! Where do you typically yardsale?

  2. Well, we usually avoid the "bad" side of town. Best areas are Gulf Breeze and over by the mail/airport and downtown (East, North and Northeast Hill). We also go to ones that are near our house. This week a neighborhood in Pace is having a 50-home yard sale ($1 to get in). Once you come over the bridge turn left on Woodbine and go several miles. It's a gated community on the left. Then John also saw a sign for a 20-home yard sale on E 9 mile. So that might be all we get to tomorrow.

  3. meant mall, not mail.
    BTW- going to JVC for lunch today :)


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