Sunday, July 24, 2011

My excuse for being MIA- moving

So a few of you (aka my family) have noticed my lack of blogging. it's been almost 2 weeks which is like decades in blog world. I hope to be back in a week or two with some updates. Right now I feel my plate is too full for my blog to make it on the list.

Being the Type A that I am, I cannot rest until the checklist of things that need to be done in the new house is complete. I don't like living in a space that is half-done. And since I already did that for several weeks before our move, most of my extra time will be devoted to making everything in the new house "just so". Which of course even then won't be exactly how I want. Marrying our furniture and my mom's is a bit challenging. I am also not accustomed to all white walls anymore.

But for now, the furniture is in. We moved in the rain. What fun. Then followed multiple hours of unpacking and rearranging. Right now we have no window coverings, no fence and no dog door. Hopefully that will change in the next week or two.

There's also nothing quite so fun as cleaning out your old house to make you feel like you are completely disgusting. I won't go into detail about the messes you find under shelving units, fridges, washers and dryers. I don't know if I can ever consider myself a clean person again. I don't know how we took such a toll on a place in 18 months.

We still have about 15 things to get out of storage and mostly haul them into the attic. Fun. Let me suggest that you NOT try to move your house, your business, and a 1 bedroom apartment in the span of two weeks. Plan for time off work, unless you can live in chaos.

I have enjoyed the new kitchen very much. And the back porch swing. And having more room. But my couponing and blogging are suffering. But hey- they are my hobbies, so I do them when I can and when I want. If I wasn't also pretty busy at work, you would hear more from me.

I will quit whining now. I should be back with pictures in a couple weeks.

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  1. Look forward to hearing more when things settle down.


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