Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Update 07-09-11

I'm gonna make this short and sweet.

We did the final walk through (now for closing, hopefully), I did an impromptu dressing change in the hot sun on the new house's driveway for our friend who had a very unfortunate meeting between his finger and a lawn mower blade. Ouch. We ran errands and went grocery shopping. We watched movies. We packed more. Had lunch at my grandma's, visited our old church, sold 2 pieces of furniture on craigslist and went yardsaling. This is probably how every weekend post would look if I didn't elaborate or try to make it witty or interesting. Today the only effort you get is my photo collage from my YSL finds. I got quite a bit and there are a few things I can't show yet. But here's what I can.

From top left- a nifty pop up cooler with a flap for quick access- $4 Bronze backed white earrings- $1 Hanging closet organizer- $1 Large dog foot keeper- $4 Decorative grass- $1 Wall clock- $1 Set of 4 furniture gliders- 50cents Plate rack x3, $1.75 Monkey slippers- $1 Leopard flats 50 cents Shoe organizer bag $3
And my favorite this week
Silver candlesticks $7
It's crunch time around here. Gotta get all our crap boxed and moved!
Happy Monday!


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