Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Update, Happy 4th!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and hopefully an extra day off work!

Friday I did the walk-through on mom's house. The superintendent was very friendly and helpful. There are only a few minor cosmetic things they need to fix. Then the blinds installer met me to take window measurements. Oh my word! This guy was a trip! VERY friendly, corny, enthusiastic and maybe a little too personal. It's hard to describe, but if this gives you any idea, when I got the paper with the measurements he faxed to Lowes, he had drawn a picture on the bottom. Fireworks, a firecracker, some flames and had written "Happy 4th Everyone". Just a little odd for a professional mock-up. Anyway. Friday later afternoon you can read about here.

Saturday we were able to go to a few yard sales. There usually aren't many on a holiday weekend and this one was no exception. I got a purse I like for $1. I got it from a home that I was shocked the owners let people in. Dirty, gross, yuck. Even walking up it was one of those houses you are afraid of what is on the other side of the door. Especially when as we got near the garage door that was slightly ajar, we hear whistling. But you couldn't see in the garage. Kinda creepy. Anyway, even though it's leather-like that puppy went through the washing machine!
It's kind of cranberry/deep pink colored
The shoes I got last week but forgot to photograph
The rest of Saturday was spent running errands. We also stopped into this local Mexican dive. Never once in the 22 years I've lived here have I considered going in this place. But, randomly a stranger told me about it in conversation months ago. Raving about how authentic and tasty it was. We happened to be near it at lunch time and John pulled in the parking lot saying "This is as close as we'll ever come, might as well". Well, the place was very authentic. As in run down, brightly colored but heavily askew hand-painted menu, no air conditioning save a fan and a portable AC which was NOT sufficient and lots of photos and things on the wall. The temperature in the very minuscule dining area was bearable, but I could feel the oppressive heat from the kitchen as we stood at the counter to order. It was literally like I'd stepped across the border. Anyway, the prices weren't particularly cheap, so I had an "El Pastor" (sp?) taco and John had the same plus a Carnitas taco. It was a pretty large portion so we were full. The flavor was also good, but not to "die for". Not sure we'll be running back, but now we don't have to wonder if we're missing some hidden Mexican food nirvana. We ran some errands to Lowes to check plantation blind prices and to WalMart to get that porch swing. In the end mom decided on green and that was the only color available anyway. Unless you want to pay $40 extra for red! I am so excited to get that setup and in use! Just a couple more weeks hopefully! After our long day out poor John got a pretty bad migraine. Like vomiting multiple times, sweating, miserable, sleeping it off for a few hours migraine. Poor hubby. So I took Ernie myself to get his shots. We tried out this mobile clinic that comes to Walgreens, Pet Caravan because they were about 1/2 the price for the Rabies vaccine. Well I pull up and they are just setting up the tables. I don't see another dog in sight and smile at my good fortune. Then they tell me the registration table is on the other side of the store, along with a "very long line". Oh no. I round the corner and the line is down the store all the way into the back parking lot. Literally 75-100 dogs. But I decided to stick it out. It was a very entertaining venue for people and pet watching. Had we been in WalMart I feel sure someone would be taking photos of some owners for People of WalMart. And it would've been very convenient if Cesar were there to "train humans and rehabilitate dogs". Especially for one anxious Lab mix. But my little Ernie did so very well. No barking, pulling or other inappropriate behaviors. Didn't flinch at the shot. Even sat on command. I was a proud "Dogma" (Dog momma) as my dad calls it. When I came home John was still napping, so I joined him for a bit. Nothing much else exciting to report for that day.

Sunday after church two members of the congregation had a short simple wedding ceremony. They are both gray-headed with their own grown children so it wasn't a huge affair. We were all invited to the bride's home after for heavy hors d'oeuvres and cake. It was very tasty. I spent the evening cleaning and packing (with John's help) in preparation for holiday dinner guests and for our move.

Monday we slept in! Lovely. I got up and made breakfast quiche (sans onions this time so hubby love it!) and did some more cleaning. Then I hauled the kiddos out to the dog park for some Independence Day fun.

Ernie running around

And policing the bid dogs as usual

The Mastiffs were there again. So huge!

Eby was hot and mostly laid under the bench I was sitting on

Are you done taking my picture yet mom? I wanna go play!

I'm really glad this little white terrier

rolling in the sand is not mine!
But Eby did betray me! I hosed off her chin and belly as we were leaving because she was sandy from laying in the dirt. Then after she was wet she went and rolled in the sand! So angry. She got rinsed again. So take that Eby!

In the afternoon we had another pair of newlyweds over for a 4th of July meal- which meant grilling of course! We had grilled chicken, steak, baked beans, corn on the cob, shells and cheese, salad and watermelon. A quintessential summer meal. Then we drove a little ways to a neighboring town to watch fireworks over the river. Our seats were great! Unfortunately we had to endure listening to the nearby Karaoke booth for about 2 hours.

There are far too many people eager to share their lack of talent! But it is pretty funny. When it got dark we pulled out these-

 and watched these-

and of course we had to get our "couple" shots

And now for a short work week! Yay!


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