Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesay 07-13-11

So what! If I am going to get ulcers from waiting on mom's house to close and I am too busy this week to do much of a post at all.

So what if I have to cancel our movers and our fridge delivery if the closing doesn't get mailed out by 5pm today.

So what if corrected documents from the hair brained lender are the reason we are having to wait.

So what that I had to have the lawn mower held at FedEx since there is no one at the new house to sign because the closing has already been pushed back 3 times.

So what if the patio light fixture I ordered and mom loved is no longer available because it's discontinued and out of stock. It said 5 left when I ordered. Ugh.

So what if even if we do get to move this weekend we will be without blinds for a week because they don't even ship out til Tuesday. Glad we won't be staying in the room that faces the road.

So what if I spend another $430 bucks on my car. Thank you heater core for failing me. At least I got a free carpet shampoo (antifreeze leaked into my carpets) and the mechanic buffed the red paint off my bumper for free. Now there are only black scratches.

So what if every item on here save one is related to the house. It's all-consuming these days.

Gotta go so I can take care of some things guessed it, the new house



  1. In another week it will be all worth it!!

  2. So exciting to move! Y'all will be so happy! We had a lot of snags with moving into our house, but in the end it is sooooo worth it!

  3. oh homeownership, is that one word or two or three? oh well you know what i mean. it's all consuming, the inside the outside, it never ends!

  4. Our closing process took months. It was a difficult time. You can buy temporary blinds that apply with adhesive (like tape) for your bedroom until the shades arrive. They start at around $3.

    Bethany k.


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