Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Thoughts 07-28-11

So here's my crap-tastic attempt at a post. I probably should've titled it "Stream of Consciousness"

No, you are still not getting a "new house" post yet. Tomorrow we are supposed to get blinds and then I can hang curtains. We are also getting two new light fixtures. And the fence has been going for two days. Should be done in a day or two more. When all that is done, I will take photos and share.

I'm looking forward to my dad, step mom and sister coming tonight for the weekend. I am not looking forward to the forecast-ed rain. The beach is what we do when they come. I hope those "isolated thunderstorms" isolate from me! We need the rain really bad but honestly it has rained almost every day for two weeks!

Our pastor started a Sunday school class for people in their 20's. We were a little late to the first one so there was really no chit-chat time but I am hoping next week he will do introductions and we can make some friends. But a girl did introduce herself and her hubby last week, so I feel optimistic. I also really like the class. Our pastor is such a good teacher.

John got in another car accident last week (did I mention this?). Really not what he needed. Apparently a guy late for work mistook his gas pedal for his brake pedal. So he was accelerating as he hit John. John was stopped at a red light. No serious damage but he instantly felt neck and back pain and went straight to the chiro. He's been everyday this week and is still complaining of a lot of pain and stiffness. Poor baby : (

I don't want to ever go back to burners on a stove. The flat top stove is where it's at! No more pots sitting unevenly and no more spills and drips under the burners!

I am envious of John taking care of all the little things and appointments regarding the house and such lately. I am glad he can be there because I would have missed a lot of work, but I can't help but feel that I should be the one to meet all the craigslist buyers, the fence builders, the pest control people, the internet man, run to the storage room etc. I should be able to do my errands during the day and not on the weekends and at night. But like so many others, I do. It's not unusual. That doesn't mean I like it.

I have been meaning to "tell" on John for awhile about several of the little quirky things he does. That I sometimes participate in too. So here's one, I hope I can describe it. The other day- John was pursing his lips kinda like a fish but not all the way together and making this "ca-caw" type sound. I had no idea what he was doing. Then he told me he was a momma bird and he was going to feed me. I rolled my eyes and rebuffed him at first. Then I just surrendered to the madness and opened my mouth a little. He proceeded to "transfer" imaginary food into my mouth avian style- ie he pretended to throw up into my mouth. With his perfected patented fake vomiting talent. Yes, we are that weird.

I think my dogs are fabulous. Really. I know this is not new information. But I just love their cute mannerisms and when they come and snuggle up to me. It's hard to leave the house in the morning because I want to cuddle with them.

Some days I consider just quitting my job, forcing our family into "making it happen". Figuring out some way to live with momma still at home. Of course it's highly unlikely I will do this. Especially since Dave Ramsey just chastised a man the other day for his wife not working since they don't have kids and their family was barely surviving on his income. But sometimes I get doubtful and selfish and wonder when the day will come that I get to pursue my dreams because fortunately we have income even if my dreams don't support us.

So much of my life is wonderful and just like I planned. I have a healthy marriage, drive a reliable care, have clothes on my back, food on my table and live in a more than adequate home. I feel guilty for complaining about the areas that are not as I planned/hoped.

Work is super busy right now. I spent all day about 2 hours away from the office yesterday in bad traveling weather. I've been out of the office at least half the day everyday this week. And then when I came in this morning I had 7 more cases on my desk. Drats.

I am very ready for our cruise. After all the stress of moving and settling in, really ready,

It is very hot in an attic in Florida in July. I don't think you should ever have to enter an attic in Florida during the months of March through November. But since I had to about 15-20 times, let me tell you, it is hot. Also somehow while John was handling the giant Christmas tree up to me (since I have a hubby on the mend from a car accident who is also afraid of heights, I do the ladder work) he got quite a good "shock". I'm not sure I've heard him scream like that since we've been married. And there I was trying to make sure he is ok and not drop a 50lb Christmas tree down the ladder but rather hoist it up into the attic. We have no idea how this happened, but I assure you he was mildly electrocuted.

We've had a fun few weeks folks! :) Lol

BUT- today a big shout out that we are DEBT FREE! So really I should be doing a happy dance! It was our goal to be done by the end of the year and we got done early! Some finances that have been long held-up were finally released and we are able to knock out that last little bit! I cannot wait to tell Dave Ramsey on air! I wonder how many times I will have to call to get through? I don't care, I'm gonna keep trying til I do!

Happy almost Friday!

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  1. Congrats on being debt free! That's a feat in this economy. :-) What are the dreams you want to pursue, Sarah?


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