Saturday, June 2, 2012

Baby White Week 16

So I made it through another week! This one went by pretty quick.

This week I took a photo in normal clothes so you can see no one knows I'm prego unless I tell :) But I don't know if they are wondering...

I'm still doing about the same with nausea. Last night for dinner John made pork chops. I tried so hard to have an appetite for them, but I just didn't. I forced myself  to eat a small amount, but when I tried a bite of the apples that got cooked with the porkchops, it sent me running to the porcelain throne. :(

But tonight I went to a baby shower and ate just fine! I love party food. It was really yummy.

I'm telling you- it's stuff that's cooked in our house that I have the hardest time eating. It just seems anything cooked on our stove or in our oven permeates every nook and cranny with this strong odor that just makes me feel yucky! If only all our meals could come to us already cooked.

That is one of the things I am looking forward to the most once my pregnancy is over- a normal sense of smell!

I don't think I've done anything to prepare for the baby this week. Unless you count that I went back to yoga class for the first time in two months... :) For now, I was able to do all the positions except plow (and I can't always do it even when I'm not pregnant). I did get winded more easily than before and I can tell "cobra" position is not going to be an option very much longer. But overall, I was glad to be back.

I did do some research for the baby this week. I looked over the hospital paperwork my midwife gave me. We are going to have to see if I'll have to add the baby to my plan in order for them to cover all the baby's hospital bills (retroactively). The thing is, the monthly premium for family coverage is a little more than double the payment for individual coverage (which I am already paying through the nose for since COBRA continuation of coverage was my only option). We plan on purchasing family coverage once the baby gets here (no one would write me a policy while I was pregnant), so it's not like we are keeping the insurance. So many things to consider.

One of the next things I need to do is schedule the free class the hospital offers where you kind of just get an intro, tour and fill out pre-admission paperwork. And if the baby is a boy, it's possible we'll have to pay for the circumcision out of pocket. Seems a lot of plans no longer cover this since the AAP deems it unnecessary. 

I also looked into Bradley classes. This is what I really wanted to do and I've heard great things about one of our local instructors. She teaches a 12 week course, but unfortunately to the tune of $250. I just don't think we are in a position to incur that expense right now. John says we should be able to get the basics through a book. Let's hope so.

So this week I took a photo in more "regular" clothes. Let me tell you, if I didn't put my hands under my belly, you wouldn't know anything was there :) I think I still just look a little more chubby than normal. Great.

I go next Friday for my appointment and to schedule our sonogram!!!!


  1. same here....i would get nauseated if I smelled the food cooking, toast in the toaster, etc. so we learned to cook and eat light....and when we wanted foods that required frying (for the hubby) we went to cracker barrel....still can't go to Sonny's or any place with strong smells the first 3.5 mos of pregnancy...then it all comes back the last month or so again!?! Light girly foods really settled on my tummy well too...

    you should be finding out soon the gender....around 17weeks??? :) I agree that the Bradley is $$$...we put in for a discount and got one and it was worth every penny. We even traveled to Navarre every week in order to get it....I don't know if there are things on Youtube or not...or online that might be Bradley supportive. It just got my hubby on board 150% like nothing else and the book was good but heavy and tedious and not fun to do at home alone. LOL We also did the birthing classes at Baptist and they were pretty good and incorporated a mix of Bradley and Lamaze. They are only $25 I think! Ask your midwife for a scholarship form to apply for it as I assume they are still doing it...the classes were often packed full and went over about 50% of what you would learn in the first portion of Bradley. :) The reason the Bradley courses are so expensive is that the training and certification is costly plus the teachers have to purchase the entire dvd's themselves and they require a FULL 13 week workbook. I still have my book if you'd like to take a look at it sometime this summer when things settle down for me after Leah arrives.

  2. You look great! I know I felt just chunky until about 20 weeks with Cooper...then I just popped out! It changes overnight! Yay for a sonogram soon! That is so exciting.

  3. I am always the same with smells. I could eat out all the time and feel just fine, but if I had to cook at home, especially if raw meat had to be cooked for the meal, I didn't feel like eating it. Weird. You'll get your appetite back, though. Just wait. :) I'm in the third trimester now, so we're down to the home stretch. Can't wait to meet this baby.

  4. Sooo exciting to find out the sex!!


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