Friday, August 3, 2012

Baby White Week 25

Oh baby! Miss Sophia has been making some big moves this week! Sometimes it feels like she's practicing the speed bag in there!

I've had a bit of return of heart burn. Took Prevacid a few times this week. I'm still able to sleep til my alarm goes off most mornings. But some days I need to use the bathroom so often, I'm sure it will start to affect my sleep sometime in the near future.

I also wake up with my feet a little sore most days. Even if I don't remember them hurting before I went to bed.

This past week I got quite a few things for the nursery. I'll be excited to put it all together!

I picked up this nest/co-sleeper last week for $2! I figure even if we don't use it as a co-sleeper, for $2 if we use it once it'll be worth it.

And it folds up so small! I also got a sweater, bib and 6 more headband bows. $2.50 for the clothes.

This frame was actually given to me a couple months ago, but I just put a photo in it. Under the photo you write in the name, and then birth stats on the clothes. So cute!

I LOVE this lamp Nana bought Sophie

Nana also got this cute hook rack. I'm not doing an owl theme, but a touch is nice. And perfect color scheme.

And Nana got this. Can't decide if it will go over the crib or somewhere else, but it ties in very nicely.

These placemats will be monogrammed in bright pink and then sewn together to become a pillow. To sit in the glider.

And I finally found a fabric for the crib skirt that ties in the wall color and the bedding. Now to get help sewing it!
So for now things are accumulating in the crib, bassinet and closet. But we are set to have 3 baby showers in September and after that maybe I'll have a dresser and can put the room together. :)

Oh, and of course the bump this week. Ya'll bout to see the fo-real Sarah. In my house clothes. In all my glory. Lol.

See ya next week!


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