Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baby White Week 26

This week I had my glucose tolerance test. It was the one hour that you don't have to fast for, so that was nice. Unfortunately I don't get the results until my next appointment, this Thursday. I was really nervous about drinking the Glucola. I'd heard it was sickeningly sweet. However, I found it tasted a lot like Gatorade or some kind of kids' fruity drink/punch. I had the options of orange and fruit punch, and I chose the former. It was nice and cold too. No problem.

What WAS a problem was the wait at the lab. My insurance only covers two labs in our town. They're also only open 7:30-4:30 M-F. Not a convenient schedule for working folks. So on the last day I'd have off til my appointment, I drove on over. I got there at 7:50. I waited an hour to be called back. THEN- all they did was give me the drink and told me to come back in an hour. What the heck?! If all you needed to do was hand me a drink I could have used my hour of waiting to digest it. Instead I had to wait an additional hour. Not really how I wanted to spend my morning.

This week my belly has started to be a little sore. Those muscles are gettin all stretched out! I'm wondering if maybe a belly binder would be a good investment?

We also made the last big change to prepare for Sophia this week- a "new" car. John had a small pickup that only had small fold down backseats. I think I'll miss the convenience of a truck, but we are going to get a trailer to pull behind the new car. It's necessary for John's business.

So we said goodbye to the Nissan:
 And hello to "dad's" new little sportster- the Pontiac Vibe

The low profile sport tires and rims make it look a little less "family car" lol

Too bad it's a manual- I can't drive them. But John loves a "stick". The owners also put in a really nice CD/DVD/MP3 player. I've yet to figure out how to work it all!

Look mom, a back seat! It even has the "latch" system for the carseat!

With my old sunshades, it looks like a mom car from the front :)
There's actually a lot of room in it. The back seats and even the front passenger seat folds down and they all have a hard vinyl backing- so it can still be used for hauling.

The only thing we need to work on is some cosmetics. John and I think the previous owner must've had some pretty rambunctious kids. Because several little random pieces are missing- like a panel on the lower front console, a piece off the top of one seatbelt, the footrest on the driver's floorboard, etc. It's like they removed every small extra piece available! Too funny.

My wonderfully talented friend Sarah is working on the crib skirt this week. I can't wait until it's done and I can put the nursery together. Right now everything is still piled into the crib and the closet.

This week you get to see my gym clothes- and I had to take my own picture! Thank goodness for tripods and self timers!

I was told this past week I looked small for 26 weeks. After seeing this photo, I think they were mistaken! :)

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