Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lost and Found

So Eby is home, she was gone a little over 24 hours.

I was hanging a sign in a nearby neighborhood and someone said they'd seen her playing with kids. So I went back to hang signs on the mailbox bank of the apartments she was last seen in, and two boys were outside playing basketball. I asked if they had seen her, and they had. They took me to the apartment of the person they thought had her.

No one answered.

We went back with a photo and a note to leave on their door, and I knocked again. The owner came to the door and said her daughter had been playing with the dog, but left it outside last night. She thought another neighbor had seen her last. She took us over there and that neighbor wasn't home. But the lady promised to show our picture to her when she did get home.

The lady called John. Our note included the word "Reward". The conversation went something like this: "Yeah, I have your dog here, what's the reward?" John told her a $25 WalMart card. She said "Ok, you want to meet at the Circle K in a few minutes?" Well, John told her he would have to go and get the gift card. "Cash will be fine" she said.

Let's just say the neighborhood she was roaming is economically challenged. I cringed at the thought of her living there.

Anyway, a few minutes later and $25 less, Eby was home!!! The only thing different about her is some GI upset. No telling what she's eaten.

Her collar is now on :) We are very very happy she's back with us.

I also had my OB appointment today. I failed my one hour glucose challenge. So now I have to go for the three hour. What fun.

The nurse practitioner was very nice. She let us know because they are owned by the local hospital, as  financial decision the hospital corporation let the midwife go. She said everyone at the practice was really upset about it and all her clients were too.

It's good to know there were no "problems" that were the reason for her leaving. The NP said she gave Robin some leads for possible positions elsewhere. She said Robin does want to stay in the area. I sincerely hope another practice will hire her. The hospital recruited her from South Florida and she had only been at the practice 6 months. I think that's pretty crummy of them.

The NP encouraged me to at least meet with one of the doctors in the practice- because she is young and "kinda crunchy" herself. She seems to think I'd really like here.

I'm not sure what to do. I am going to ask around for opinions.

Just wanted to keep everyone updated.

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  1. Hooray for Eby's homecoming! So glad for you two that she is safe and sound! :)


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