Saturday, August 4, 2012

When I'm in a mood

I ramble. I vent. I want to post things I shouldn't.

Lately I've been much less motivated than normal to be productive. That's really unfortunate since I have more personal time on my hands than before. There are just so many little things to be done. There always will be, I know. But I hate having my mind cluttered with my to-do's.

There's still a few hours worth of touch up painting. And several hours worth of installing quarter round and cleaning/sealing grout. And fixing our closet shelf. And getting a large rod and curtain panels to make a new set of "closet doors". And all the door handles need replacing. And none of our cabinets have knobs. And our microwave needs replacing. And one toilet paper holder needs to be moved and the holes patched, sanded and painted. And on it goes.

If you're not in the mood for whining, stop reading now. Cause I probably have more.

I also want to get a tan, but I don't want to sweat in the hot sun. It's a real problem. Especially since my husband hates the beach, so he's certainly no help in motivating me to get to the beach. But then I think about the cool water and it sounds relaxing. And I want to go. But instead my prego butt sits on the couch. Pasty.

Today my only productive thing has been to clean the kitchen and do laundry. But our bed is getting a complete stripping and washing, so that's good. Even the mattress cover and comforter are getting clean. And I'll take the time to peel off my pregnancy pillow cover and then wrestle it back on. Of course it will all be dirty again in a matter of days. I'm glad I got an inexpensive comforter, because it never stays clean long as long as the dogs are around.

Something I have enjoyed this week is watching some of the Olympics. Gymnastics is still my favorite, but swimming and diving have been enjoyable to watch too. The only problem is, they always break up the gymnastics into two parts, usually doing the finale at like 10 or later. And I never see it all because by that point I'm dozing off. Don't they know the little girls watching need to be in bed by then? And it would sure help out this prego too.

This week I worked all 5 days to cover vacay for a co-worker. I'm glad it's done, because a few of the days were quite mentally taxing. Physically though, I did ok. I even still made it to Zumba Wednesday night.

This week in Bradley class we started practicing relaxation techniques to use during a contraction. Your partner is supposed to run their hands over you to feel if there is any tension anywhere in your body during the contraction and remind you to let go and breathe deep. Let's just say it was hard for John to be serious about that. Our other classmates said they hope we tape our labor because it's going to be hilarious.

We are dog sitting for a few days, so we have 4 in the house. It's busy around here. I don't think I'd want 4 all the time. It's also hard because they are all used to a lot of attention. But for ours, it should be good practice for when they have to share with Sophia. They have been giving some pretty pitiful looks to me.

And I guess that's about enough brain dumping for now. If you made it through this post you must be really bored, or looking for commiseration. :)

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