Sunday, August 19, 2012

Baby White Week 27

As you can see, I lacked the enthusiasm to get this post done on time.

In fact, the only reason I'm even doing it now is for consistency's sake. Would hate to look back and see I missed one week!

Not much has changed in the "symptoms" world this week. I'm starting to get some kicks that give me pause- not so comfortable. You can also see movement on the outside if you're watching.

We've decided for now that as far as a provider- we'll have my records sent to another midwife for her review, and still keep my appointment with the doctor in three weeks. We'll take in our list of interview questions and grill her. Then make a decision about whether to interview the other midwife. I don't want to tell my current practice I'm leaving only to have the midwife refuse to take me on. I'm not sure if she would take me if I'm gestational diabetes, and I won't know for another week or two if I am.
My vitamin D was also low, so I'm now on a supplement for that.

I'm still really bummed about having to switch providers. I really hope Robin finds another practice in the area and we can just pick up where we left off. I already knew a lot about the way she does things, and I'm worried about making a connection with someone else. But I can deal.

Oh, and happy third trimester to Sophia and I! That's right, week 27 starts the home stretch.

I'm having a hard time being on my feet for more than an hour or two. I also have no motivation to move quickly anymore. This weekend a friend and I made and decorated sugar cookies, and my dawgs were sure barkin' afterwards. I had to cave and ask for a foot rub.

To celebrate, this week I put the decorations that I have for the nursery up. It's still not finished so no photos yet. But it does look a lot more like a finished room now instead of just a crib and some paint. I also have decided to hang letters from the ceiling spelling out her name over the crib. I have the letters, but still have to paint and decorate them. So exciting!

John and I also went and finished our registry this week. Since our first shower is in two weeks we figured we better get that in order. And it was fun :)

And because I couldn't seem to get a photo in while dressed up this weekend, here's what you get.
And John said "don't feel obligated to mention in your blog that I cooked and cleaned tonight". So since I'm under no obligation, I'll tell you just because- John made dinner tonight AND cleaned the kitchen. And then unloaded the dishwasher in the morning. (Ha ha, jokes on you baby!)

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