Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby White Week 28

I got to this post on a Friday, yay!

Update on weight gain- I forgot to mention that at my last visit with the ARNP- I had gained a total of 10 pounds. So I gained quite a bit in 5 weeks! I guess even if I gained a pound a week from now on that would still be only 22 altogether, which I guess isn't too bad. The baby is around 3 pounds now.

Thursday I had my three hour glucose test. I felt fine during the test, despite fasting for like 12 plus hours. Thankfully I also have a great vein for lab draws. I let them do all four sticks in the same vein. I figured one bruise is better than four.

But let me tell you something- I felt all of the 100 grams of sugar finally leave my body about an hour after the test was done. We were sitting in a restaurant waiting on lunch. I've never dealt with true hypoglycemia before, and it was NO bueno. I broke out in a sweat and felt really bad. We had to ask the waiter to bring some crackers. Since we were eating Greek- he brought pita slices. That and three sugar packets had me feeling better in about 15 minutes. But I never want to feel like that again.

I sure hope I passed the test. But even if I didn't- it will be a good experience for me in self discipline. John has said he'll be diabetic with me if that's the diet I end up following. So sweet.

On a side note- that Greek lunch was faaantastic. There's only one place we go here for Greek, and they do not disappoint. They are very much a pain in the rear when it comes to coupons and deals, but their food is great. I had a gyro platter, pita, hummus, taziki and spanikopita. It was enough for two meals so I had it again today for breakfast. John and I have both decided that their traditional gyro meat (lamb and beef mixed) is our favorite meat. So flavorful and tender.

Today I went to a swap meet of sorts- there's a local group that you can buy and sell on the website and then twice a week they meet in town to exchange purchases and money. There were like 50 women there. I can see how it would be really beneficial if you have kids.
But anyway, I got a maternity swim suit for $4. It will come in very handy when we go tubing next weekend.

Liz Lange Maternity
I forgot to include a photo from last week- I got these out thrift storing. I'm a sucker for "daddy" stuff:
75 cents for both
Yesterday and today's big project was painting and decorating the letters for above the crib. I had to end up doing like 7 coats of paint because even though the can says "dries in 10 minutes or less" that apparently doesn't apply in the South. So even though they felt dry to the touch, when I turned them over to paint the back, the fronts stuck to the newspaper. It was soooo irritated. It took lots of coats to cover that, and they still don't have the nice smooth finish I was looking for.

Then it was a big ordeal to hang them too. So about 4-5 hours of work and $20 later, this is what resulted:

Even though it was tedious, I am happy with the results.

Once we get the nursery really complete (after showers) I'll do a detailed post of the whole room.

And of course, a belly shot for the week:

Being silly

I can still see my toes, if I look hard. Love you Sophia.

Shorts scored for $5, thrift store
Next week my post might be a little late due to the holiday and plans, but I'll be back!


  1. You look cute and the "Sophia" looks great!! (Be glad you have veins...they were still trying to get an iV in me while I was in labor pushing with my twins!)


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