Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby White Week 32

So I had my grandma over for lunch this week, and she said "Wow you've really popped out since I saw you last, you look like you're about 8 months!" I smiled and told her as of Friday I would be 8 months! Lol.

She then looked confused, since I'm not due until November. I reminded her that due dates are at the END of 9 months, and really the beginning of the 10th, 40 weeks. She proceeded to tell me her doctors had always told her pregnancy was 36 weeks. Not sure if she was confused then or remembers wrong. But it got me to thinking how so much we know about pregnancy and birth has changed. That's why there really are some things you can't take grandma's advice on :)

She shared with me that in her day- maternity skirts had an open area at the belly and then strings to tie it up above your bump. Sounds like a lot going on! She did say "course no one really wears maternity clothes anymore". I told her I know that's common, but I sure do. She said "I haven't seen you in anything maternity, it's all been tight". Lol. I told her that even though my clothes are fitted, they are maternity (mostly) or the hemlines would be showing my gut! Of course even my aunts laugh and tell me that "in their day" maternity clothes meant big flowing tent tops.

I'm still feeling rather round these days. I find myself asking for more favors, just because I feel too tired to get back up. It would also be nice to have someone to put my socks and shoes on, lol. I can do it, it's just a little tougher than it used to be. I'm also restricted at the gym. I'm still doing Zumba once or twice a week, but my movements and flexibility are much less defined than they used to be :) I can't imagine taking a regular yoga class at this point. But my gym doesn't have pregnancy yoga :(

I've had a couple of pretty tired nights this week. They were both on the days I worked. By the time I get home, I'm just ready to be a couch potato. I've been watching "More Business of Being Born" this week, and I've fallen asleep watching both times!

The episode with Ina May Gaskin made me swear off Cytotec. Her "Remember the Mothers" quilt involves so many women who died from uterine rupture or amniotic fluid embolus who had Cytotec. If I need chemical cervical ripening, they are gonna have to find me some Cervidil.

We also finished our Bradley classes this week. I feel prepared by everything we learned, but I'm not sure John does. Our instructor has started nursing school this semester, so she is not taking on any more doula clients. However, she has said "I never turn down a birth if I can make it" so I think the plan is for us to contact her when I go into labor and see if she can be with us for at least some of it. In fact when I was jokingly lamenting about John's lack of enthusiasm for the course she was like "it's ok, I'm gonna be there for you." :) So we shall see...

Saturday my best friends threw me a baby shower. My mom was so sad she couldn't be there. But alas, work calls! So my grandma said she was going to be my mom for the day.
Me and grandma

The loot!


More visiting- and I love the tissue poms hanging. I took them all for the nursery!

Ms. Lily smiling at Mrs. Tia.

Sarah and niece Leah

Super cute cones decorated in lollipops and cake pops!

Dessert table
Me and the hostesses :)

Everything at home!
I had a wonderful time visiting at the shower. We played several games including one-handed cloth diapering, baby food speed eating and bottle speed drinking. My friends must really love me to eat pureed peas and sweet potatoes! I did the bottle drinking. It was really hard! I don't know how a baby could get anything out of those bottles. The flow was sooooo slow! But I think all that effort would give you a nice defined jaw :)

When I got home John and I sat in the nursery and he re-opened all the gifts :) This also gave me a chance to save the bags and even some tissue paper while organizing the gifts. You know with my OCD I had to find a place for everything ASAP!

I'd have more photos, but my camera decided to die about 30 minutes into the shower. But luckily friends took photos too.

And because this post isn't complete without a belly shot:

I love this dress! Thanks MIL Mel!


  1. wish I'd known about the side effects of Cytotec ...but it worked for me after a month of regular timeable contractions and no effacing or dialating. No one is still sure why Leah never dropped on her own without coaxing after hitting week 41 and already being nearly 10 pounds. I was given a half dose and things started rolling (praise the Lord, with no complications).

    One thing I regret is taking an antibiotic during the pregnancy for a UTI causing my gut flora to go wild and causing me at the end to be Step B positive requiring more penicillin during delivery..BAD BAD idea! Breast thrush is no laughing matter and I am still in a daily battle taking about $3-5 a day worth of supplements and a paleo diet because of it all. :( I pray a "smooth sailing" for you like I had with Juliana!

  2. Love the dress! What kind is it? Motherhood Maternity?

  3. Perfect dress for your look great!


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