Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby White Week 29

Hi everyone!

I hope y'all could enjoy a nice holiday weekend! We did :) We went to the Tampa area to visit my hubby's side of the family.

We enjoyed a lot of rest, food and good times. Friday my wonderful mother-in-law took me shopping in the Motherhood Maternity section of Macy's! I got 4 tops, a dress, a pair of slacks and some undies. It was really nice. I can't wait to wear it all!

On Sunday John's mom hosted a family get together and baby shower! We were blessed with clothes, diapers, a blanket, teething ring, carseat toy and books. Grandma to be White is even making a quilt for Sophia using an old shirts of ours. We were also blessed with the funds to purchase a dresser for the nursery. It was great to see the family and catch up on everything.
Some of the spread

Homemade red velvet cake- one of John's favorites!

Baby Shower day

Sophia's first diaper cake! With teething ring, rubber ducky, sign, onesies

Opening gifts

Love this dress!

The quilt from grandma

Me, John and Grandma-to-be Melanie

Uncle Jeff, Cousin Justen and Aunt Hali

Bill, Thomas and Aunt Tiffany

Cousin Alexis, Uncle Carl and Aunt Maria (aka diaper cake maker!)

Bedside table Grandma Melanie gave us

Closer view of some of the gifts


Onesies from all grandma's travels. The red one is from Phoenix and says "Giddy up", the mint green is from Vegas and says "If I don't sleep nobody sleeps" and the blue one says "Siesta Time" and is from Sedona. Also a lovely mommy and me skincare kit from Hylunia and a penguin face hot/cold pack.

Soft tiger pillow from Cousin Justen

Lamp given by Grandma Melanie

Lots of clothes from Aunt Hali and Uncle Jeff (piled up to be washed!)

Blanket, toy, and birth announcement frame

This week Sophia is starting to take up a lot of space in there! Just when I feel like I am getting used to being pregnant, something changes! Just today she has been moving, rolling and morphing my belly into all kinds of weird shapes. And poking around the outer edges of my sides and ribs. It's a tad uncomfortable, but also really cool. She's making herself more known every day!

I have appointments next Monday with both a doctor and a midwife. So hopefully by Tuesday my decision will be made! I found a professional FB page for my old midwife and wrote her on there, but haven't heard anything back :( I wasn't too hopeful because there was no photo and basically no activity on the page, but I still wish I could've heard from her.

This week my hands and feet are just a tad bigger than normal. Nothing noticeable to anyone but me. I'm hoping getting back into our normal eating and drinking routine will solve that. We ate out and lavishly a lot over the weekend :)

My weekly photo is in a different spot this week, taken on Baby Shower day :)

See everyone next week!

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