Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Because I said I have other things to talk about than pregnancy...

Of course with pregnancy brain, I can't remember half of them...

I got new lamps for our bedroom. I've had these modern yet small nickel bases with white drum shades for awhile. They function well- (I like pull chains!) and were cute enough, but I really wanted something more substantial, that made more of a statement. But lamps are so expensive! After looking at several stores I finally found a pair at TJMaxx in Tampa, and my sweet momma treated me to them!
Notice the pillowcases- those were another treat from Stein Mart here in town. I love me a monogram!!!

I would've taken a shot of the whole bed but alas, it was unmade :)

This past weekend was also my hubby's birthday. Friday night we went out for hibachi (one of his favorites) and it was so good! I tried a new place that came highly recommended, and they did not disappoint. Our chef was also cheesy, yet funny. And of course their knife skills are amazing.
We ended up at a table with three other random couples. At first it was weird but the chef talking to us and time passing helped everyone loosen up. We were chit chatting and laughing by the end. John and I decided it would be strange yet fun to go to hibachi often and pretend to be different people every time. Since you usually discuss surface stuff- like where you work. Like maybe he could be a taxidermist and I could be an exotic dancer. (Which would be pretty hard to believe, but still funny). We could pick bizarre careers and watch people's reactions. Oh the stuff we come up with.

Saturday John got his wish to sleep in due to rain. Rain is rather a buzz kill for yard sales. Saturday night we went to dinner with about 10 friends at Chili's. It was also tasty. For the most part they are a pretty consistent reliable chain.

Yesterday I purged our closets. I'd say it's nesting, but it's also just a normal part of my personality. I don't like it when the closets start getting cramped. And I know space is only going to become more valuable as our family grows. So I ended up with 4 garbage bags of things to get rid of. Some is going to friends, some I'm going to take to Plato's Closet (we just got one!) and some will be donated. I feel much better letting go of things that just don't quite fit right, so they get passed over repeatedly in the closet. I also got rid of several pairs of heels :( Somehow I don't see myself fitting into them again. I kept about 8 pair, for church and special occasions. I also got rid of about 10 handbags. Because I yard sale, I'm forever bringing in "new" stuff, and to keep it manageable that means old stuff has to go!

Maybe my renewed vigor to continue the cleaning and redecorating has to do with the weather change too. We've been sleeping with the windows open for a couple nights, and our highs are low 80's. Hopefully this means fall is coming and we won't have too many more super hot days left this year. That also gets me thinking that fall means a baby, and I better get busy!

Oh, we did meet with the doctor and midwife yesterday. We decided, but I'll save that for another post.

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