Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Departing from the usual

Sooo, my disclaimer is that this is usually non-political. Today is an unusual day.

Just finished Internet research for the candidates for our upcoming closed primaries. Quite a task. Especially when some running don't have a website. Come on people, this is the 21st century! I don't think you should be elected if you don't provide some outlet for mass dispersal of your information. I already have over 20 names to research for the primaries, so I'm certainly not going door-to-door looking for your information!
It can be so hard to decide who to pick, I mean, one personal statement is really all I'm going off of. Not like I can research all the actions and words of 20 candidates! So I decided to take a more conservative, tea-partyish approach this time around. If all your statements sound the same, I am voting for the one with the least political history. I think we've had enough of career politicians. Time for them all to get a dose of the real world again. Now, I also see the wisdom in electing someone with "experience." So if you words are good enough I MIGHT vote for you even if you've been at it a long time. And community involvement with the right organizations is a big plus. And of course if you seem to have a legitimate faith in God that helps you too.
I am sure all this makes me sound like a right-wing Nazi freak. But, oh well. I do know it's time for change, and not the kind a certain elected official promised.

I've also decided to vote for the underdog even if that makes my vote "wasted". You gotta vote how you believe. And my last political endorsement- please, vote for someone! If you don't vote don't complain!

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