Monday, August 9, 2010

The light stuff

I also have more pensive things on my mind, but that is for another post.

This weekend my dad, step-mom and sister visited. Once again, pics are on my camera not can't upload them here at work. I took a pic of my table settings finally with my phone, but don't you know I can't find it for some reason! Probably forgot to hit save. Annoying phone. Anyway, we had a lot of beach time which I needed. I was getting pretty pasty.
Saturday night we went to a rodeo in Alabama. It was kinda a joke. But unknowingly my GPS took us in through some back driveway, so we got in for free. Otherwise it would've not been worth the money. But it was something different and it was free, so that was nice. I enjoyed the bronco riding and barrel racing the most. In the different ropings and bull ridings, all the contestants did pretty bad, so that gets dull after awhile.

This Thursday I leave for Michigan for the weekend! I am excited to fly and to see old friends. My bridesmaid dress is pressed and ready to go!
The color is "Espresso"
 This wedding will probably be the largest I've ever been to. It's going to be held at a castle/event place near Lake Michigan. I think I will miss my hubby terribly though. This will be the longest we've been apart so far.
Then as soon as I get back Sunday my grandma goes into the hospital that night to prepare for open-heart surgery Monday morning. I think I will be very tired next week. I already had a stress induced bad dream about my travel to the wedding. Missing flights, wrong destinations, NYC cabs, getting lost. Ugh.

The dogs are doing better every day and much better this week. Eby has finally started playing with Ernie some. They "playfight" and run around scrapping and growling. I am sure Ernie is very happy she's finally showing some interest in him. And, we are are really happy to have both these pups. We both think adding Ernie was a fabulous decision. He's so sweet and silly. We really feel like the family is rounded out. We aren't obsessive to the point of putting them over people, but to us they kinda are our substitute kids. John is also really loving Ernie more each day. I am glad he finally has a dog that's "his".
My "kiddos," as I call them... don't judge... can be found snuggled together each night on their bed. Although at least once a night one or both still try to pile in with us. But they've definitely learned the word "down!"
Puppy love
Also added into the busyness of this month- possible Jury Duty! I actually think this would be interesting. However, in our state it now functions as being "on call" every week for a month. So the first week I wasn't needed, but this week I am supposed to report tomorrow morning for selection! Of course, the one week of the month I can't do it. So I requested deferment since I don't think a trial would be done by Thursday morning. I do hope I get called in when I come back.

Food- I pretty much took a break from FoodLovers while dad was here. We followed the rules loosely by at least trying to have the right combinations of carbs and protein. I will be doing the same at the wedding weekend. Anyway, otherwise all is pretty well. I'm a bit frustrated that I seem to be on a plateau already, but I know it's somewhat my own fault. John is so much more disciplined in this area. Ugh. i know I need to quite "cheating" here and there and buckle down on exercise. But can I just say- the rate at which guys lose weight is just not fair! John has lost almost 20lbs! Kudos to him, but jealousy looms in the background. He does look good though. And here I sit, finally just back to my wedding weight. *Sigh*.

John Moment: Last night in my grandma's kitchen I started singing a line (since that's all I know) from a rap song "I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what that means? She got her own house, she got her own car..." Anyway, we had brought it up earlier talking about Eby and her cat-like ways. So I start singing it again and doing the little "attack dance" he does with me. He was laughing and smiling so big. I just love it when I see that big, genuine smile.

Next I will post my "darker" more serious thoughts. Ttfn.

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