Monday, August 2, 2010

Life keeps rollin' on

So I may have become a little addicted to this blogging thing, but not in the form of blogging so much as reading blogs. I now follow 3 people I don't even really know, 2 that are complete strangers! But, I like their blogs and it keeps me entertained at work when it's slow :)

Anyway, this weekend was a very domesticated one :) We cleaned the house from top to bottom in preparation for Sunday lunch company with some very good friends of ours who haven't seen our place. So of course I needed it in top condition. And since my dad and his wife and my sister are visiting this coming weekend, the house needed an overhaul. Including hiding all our stuff we need to list on eBay that was overtaking the office. Anyway, after all that was done and I showered, our big fun trip was to go the thrift store and get onesies to put on Eby and Ernie. Poor dogs. lol. Pics to come. And what weekend isn't complete without a grocery trip to Walmart? :) 

John has also been feeling sick off and on this whole weekend, my poor baby. Achy and stuffy and sore throat. It really got to him last night. Thankfully Monday are very low-key for him and today I think he is going to be able to avoid the office altogether. But he is going to change my oil :) What a great handyman!
Today I get off a little early and I'm going to spend a little time with my MOH/BF. She hasn't met Mr. Ernie yet. He's sure to charm her with his slap-happy silly self.

On a more pensive note- a few of the blogs I read are posted by young moms. I love reading their stuff, but oddly it doesn't give me baby fever. In fact, when I realized once there was even a chance I could be pregnant, I bawled all over poor John. It's so funny because all through high-school and early college I dreamed of getting married and having babies. But for now, just being married makes me infinitely happy. I just don't feel I'm ready and I don't feel secure enough in our circumstances right now to add a little one. John reminded me that if I wasn't ready the Lord would not let it happen. But I've known many people who weren't ready but once they found out they were pregnant they were thrilled. So I know the Lord can MAKE me ready. But at this time I sure 'nuff don't feel that way. I can't imagine trying to add caring for a newborn into our busy routine. I know many women work, cook, clean, exercise and care for children, but I honestly do not want to try and juggle all of that. I also feel jealous of the time John and I can share and I don't want to give any more of it up! I know these feelings will probably change someday, but for now, I am content with my wonderful husband and my doggie kids :)

PS- I wish I would've taken a pic of our Sunday table. I finally got my runners back from my wedding and I am loving putting them to use. I'll have to gets pics of that too!

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  1. don't forget your sis-in-law reads your blogs... hugs-hw


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