Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Thoughts 08-04-11/ Weekend Update

The fence is still not done. I still don't have blinds or curtains. There is no doggie door. We organized the business inventory last night and now my back is making me pay for all the moving.

That's the real...

Now the rosy...

May I repeat- we are debt free! We now have our full "emergency fund" of savings. We said goodbye to Sallie Mae. We were able to get John a "new to us" truck. This will really help with the business.

I am very happy for him. And for me, because now we can pickup stuff when we need to instead of borrowing a truck. And it's a lot prettier than the old Corolla. The interior is not stained! Yay :)
We of course took the kiddos for a joyride in our neighborhood. We don't feel it's safe to take them out on the streets in the truck bed. But around the block was ok. Eby seemed to enjoy it, sniffing and walking around. Ernie mostly stayed with his head poking into the cab through the back window and his little body shaking all over. He pretty much hated it. Lol.
That's him cowering to the bottom left of Eby

Also my car will be getting some work done. And maybe even a paint job. We are wanting to get her in tip top shape so she can cart me around another 5 years or more.

My family visited us last weekend. We had a nice time. Mostly we relaxed on the beach. I didn't snap any pics of my "red lobster" chest and shoulders or the peeling snake skin that followed. Even with a slight burn I am glad to have a touch more color back in my skin. I always feel better about myself when I have a tan.
My dad knocked oysters off the bottom of the floating dock and shucked and ate them right on the shoreline. Nothing fresher! If you like raw oysters that is...which I don't!
We hung out by the boat channel because the Gulf was too rough

There's the prize!

Beating it on a rock to crack it open. Using a large socket he found on the ocean floor. Survivor man. Lol.

Eby was getting some love from my sister Megan
Our dogs love visitors. We kinda get 2nd place when new folks are around who'll pay them attention

Fortunately my dad is an electrician. So he replaced those two light fixtures that I detested with these:
Outside before

Outside after

Inside before

Inside after

So home photos have to wait, and wait, and wait some more. You all can wait right along with me!

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