Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And the beat goes on

Ok so I feel bad that I've been posting only once a week. But guys- it has been so busy around here!

The floors are coming along. I can't believe my father in law says he actually "likes" laying tile. It looks like horrendous tedious work to me.

My schedule this week is- work, go to house and paint, eat, sleep, repeat. I'm painting the front door red, and so far it has taken 4 coats. Four. Using a paint that's supposed to be "2 in 1" with primer mixed in. And it's thick like molasses. But I think coat 5 should make it even.

Tonight my hubby moved the bed to the middle of our room so he could rip out the carpet along the edges, so I could paint the baseboards, so we can be ready for the new carpet coming Thursday morning. This left about 1-2 feet of clearance along the walls for me to fit my large self into to both tape off and paint. All while avoiding the tack strips of death. I've found my belly is starting to impede me more this past week. So getting the painting accomplished has been no small feat. Especially when the house is like 82 degrees from all the open and closing of doors to haul in tile.

Needless to say- I will be SO glad when it's all over. I'm not looking forward to all the things that need to be done Friday and Saturday before the reveal party. I had planned on the flooring being finished yesterday so that I would have the evenings this week to clean and organize a little at a time. Instead between Friday and Saturday I need to shop for party food and decorations, do a little crafting for the party, wet vac the floors (probably twice) dust (tile cut in the house = dust of nightmar-ish proportions again), have the furniture put back into three bedrooms, vacuum, clean 2 toilets and sinks, clean off the back porch (and hopefully lay out new carpet), clean the glass doors (our screen doors are a mess of grout and cement prints), cook party food, and somewhat setup the nursery.

Now I feel bad for making you all read my to-do list.

So needless to say, I will be busy. I've asked a friend to come Friday and help I felt so overwhelmed. Oh- and we still have like 20 electrical outlets that need changing, a dishwasher that needs bracing and two towel rings and two TP holders need mounting.

There I go again- making you read my to-do list.

On a funny note- I asked John how we should dress for the party. If we should wear pink and blue and not just the color of the gender- so everyone is still guessing. John told me he wants to wear yellow- because he wants the baby to be Asian. So we can have a genius kid who wins a Nobel prize. He's got such a snarky sense of humor! :)

John is watching me type this blog and asked what snarky meant. So I googled the definition for him. As he was reading aloud he came across "testy". And then said, huh huh, testes, huh huh. So he also has the sense of humor of an 8 year old boy :) He tells me every man has this sense of humor.

Well, it's late and I have way less energy than my pre-prego self, so I better hit the hay.

I hope to have some pictures of the house and the party for ya'll by Monday. I'll add it to my to-do list :)

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  1. Cannot wait to see the updated photos of all your hard work on your new home and to find out if Baby #1 will be a boy or a girl! We found a Pittsburgh Steelers (hubs fav team ever) track suit in Fargo, ND at a thrift store this past weekend. I was so excited, as I had been looking for team stuff for Baby Boy. It's a size 2T, but I can hang it in the closet till he's big enough to wear it. ;)


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