Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby White Week 18

Hi all!

So sorry this is so late. This weekend was so very busy. We are in the final push to get some things finished on the house before flooring goes in starting Friday. To say the least- I am very tired of painting. And John is very tired of scraping paint. I am tired of wearing a respirator to paint. I am tired of having dusty concrete floors.

But, this too shall pass. In hopefully a week or so!

This week I scored some pretty good yard sale deals. I got 13 complete Dr. Brown's bottles for $5. It even had a few extra bottles, but just not enough of all the parts for the extras. There were 7 4oz and 6 8oz ones. I thought it was quite the steal! I also got the bottle drying rack for $1. We got a car bottle warmer for $2. I'm not really sure we'll use this, but John thinks it will be good when he is out and about with the bambino alone. I also got a yellow hooded towel and two towels for a little later down the road- hooded towels decorated like a frog and a lady bug. I know I would have loved that as a kid! The towels were like 50 cents each.

I also went a little crazy on Amazon. I needed to get something on there that the shipping was as much as the item, so I opted for the 30-day trial of Prime to get free shipping. Then I decided to see what baby deals I could find. I ended up with 264 Luvs Size 1 diapers, a sage green Summer infant Swaddleme blanket and 6 storage caps for the Dr. Browns bottles. All for $46!

Think I'll have enough diapers to get me through a little? Lol
$36 with free Prime shipping
I originally had a lot more stuff in my cart, but then I found out a lot the items were not eligible for Prime free shipping. I had $30 worth of stuff and $60 worth of shipping charges! Lol

I also started the baby registry this week. I know it will change a lot before we actually share it, but I just could not help looking at some stuff. I found that I'm all about used, pre-owned, substitutions etc. But I also found that I think I may be a diaper bag snob. The cheapest one I found that I like is $50. The most expensive one I like is $80. I have like 6 on there right now :) I figure after we find out the gender I can narrow my choices down some. But, I want something kind of gender neutral. Since both John and I will carry it. But I don't want the solid color ones. So yeah, a little picky. Afraid of it being too big or too small, too heavy, falling over when you set it down. So much to consider.

I think my weight gain is pretty stable this week. Per the scale anyway. I still have a stuffy nose some days. Occasional heartburn. And I sneeze all the time. It's so random.
I still have not felt any movement. At night before bed I try and pay special attention, but still nothing.

It's hard to believe I'm only 10 days away from the halfway mark! I'm really excited to find out the gender Friday! But you all will have to wait until July to hear:) We are going to have a reveal party on the 30th.

So here I am in all my glory this week, lol.

Maybe when we get to week 20 I'll put all the pics so far together to see if the difference is that noticeable.
Have a great rest of your week!


  1. We may have just been incredibly blessed, but I liked my diaper bag that the hospital here gave us when we had Abby. I didn't like the bag we received when we had Kenzie, so we'll see what they are handing out this time around. :) The big one we use from out of town trips, etc. I got for cheap at Wal-mart. Remember, it's going to get dirty, so buying an expensive one just.isn't.worth.it. I recommend trying consignment shops or rummage sales to find one that you might really like that is much less expensive. Although, a friend of mine just found a J.J. Cole one on Amazon for like half price, so check out all your options. The diaper bag is the least of your worries. Ha Ha!! Love ya, Melissa

  2. To clarify - you will hear first week in July. Party is June 30th


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