Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Update 06-09-12

Well hello there everyone. Today is a good day for writing- since it's been raining for hours here.
In fact, my weekend was pretty low-key thanks to a never ending downpour in our area. You may have even seen us on the news!

Friday was our doctor's appointment. You saw that post already since you spend your days just waiting for my updates. Lol.

That evening we ate dinner out at Chili's. They had a facebook promo for a free queso appetizer with the purchase of an entree. So we split that and a baby back ribs dinner. It was one of the best experiences we've had there in a long time. Everything was tasty, hot and served quickly. We followed that up with an exciting trip to WalMart. We live on the edge people, I tell ya.

Friday evening the rain started. By Saturday morning it was in full force. Like hurricane force, wind and rain. In fact, Saturday went down as the wettest day in our town since 1936. That means more rainfall in a 24 hour period than any hurricanes since then, too.

I had a baby shower to attend that morning. I was really glad I put the gift in the car the day before- as I had a feeling I might be traveling in the rain. It was so nice that when I got to the shower they had impromptu valet parking so we could pull up under the awning and not get soaked. Although the poor "valets" were soaked clean through.

The shower for baby Lily and her momma Katie was very nice. She got a lot of really cute clothes and some practical things too. Despite the rain there were quite a few people there. After we finished watching her open up all her goods and closed, we turned around to see several ladies using tablecloths and industrial brooms to push water out the back door. The back half of the room had flooded about an inch! Thankfully it's tile. Not so great is that the back door opens to a low lying area, hence the water coming in in the first place. It was a hot mess inside and out. Sideways-blowing rain, thunder and flooding. We were told the road going west from the church was flooded over due to the drainage pond overflowing. My quickest route home. Bummer.

Two preggos :)

Three friends :)

I decided to go ahead and brave the conditions to run an errand downtown since I was already out. The city was basically a shallow pond downtown. I did manage to get where I was going (after backing out of an intersection in a panic when I was sure I was about to flood my car) and that poor business was sucking water out of their carpets. They said cars driving down the street were causing waves that were lapping into their doors. ServPro was already on their way out. They made a killing this week I'm certain.

Well, I decided to take the interstate home, hoping to stay high and dry. Unfortunately once I got off I had to cross an intersection that was flooded out. This lead to my trip home taking an hour when it usually only takes 15-20 minutes. I tried about 5-6 different ways but I kept coming to flooded intersections and low lying areas. I got within 5 minutes of my house twice, only to be stopped by water. I was beginning to think I was going to have to wait it out (and pee at a gas station since my bladder was about to explode). But, I finally made it home with dry carpet and dry pants :)

That evening our news website had lots of photos of the flooding, including several washed out roads and small bridges. This photo is in the downtown area. You can see why I had a hard time finding a clear path home:
Thankfully I have not head of any fatalities. Just a lot of property damage. I was also thankful to be in an SUV. I probably would have to have waited it out for several hours if not. I still had to drive through 2-3 foot water at times.

So once I got home, we stayed put for the rest of the weekend. We tackled straightening the garage and office. I did laundry. We watched movies. I actually cooked! I woke up Sunday morning hungry- and since we need to go grocery shopping there's not much left in the house that ready-to-eat. I opted for homemade biscuits, scrambled eggs and cheese grits. I was reminiscing about the times (not too long ago) that I actually enjoyed cooking. I'm hoping that becomes my normal again soon. And to add: I made dinner too! Spaghetti. I sure hope I'm on the upswing of these 9 months.

So even though we lost valuable painting time to the weather (it's not recommended to try and have oil based paint dry while it's a monsoon outside) and the fact that I couldn't stay out of the house (those fumes are bad for prego mommas) due to the weather, it was still a nice weekend. We were forced to slow down a bit, and even though that pains me at times I feel there's so much to do, I'm sure I needed it.

Oh, and no damage to our house. We are at the top of an incline. Thank goodness.

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