Friday, June 8, 2012

Baby White 17 weeks

Today we had an appoint with our midwife. No real news- she listened to heart beat with a doppler and said "that's a very happy baby in there". :) The rate was 147 which she says is "on the fence" for gender. According to her boys are usually around 140 or less.

But in two weeks we shall find out! June 22nd at 11am!!! I'm very anxious to know so I can start more planning and purchasing.

I continue to feel better each week. Very much a bonus. Our midwife said "I told you you'd be feeling human again by your next appointment".

I've put back on the weight I lost. So now I'm back at "even" I guess. I can see with my appetite returning how things could get out of control. Gonna have to watch that. My blood pressure continue to be great. We decided not to have the quad screen which would have been done at this visit.

Through a blessing, we are going to be able to take the Bradley classes! They start the first week in July and run for 9-10 weeks and are 2 hours each with 2 books! So we should be well educated. We also signed up for the hospital's intro class where you get the tour and do paperwork.

My help in the house has come to a bit of a standstill. Right now the major things left are painting trim and doors and laying floor. We are having to use oil based paint, so I have to leave the house while it's being done. And I'll be leaving the house completely for several days while John and his dad lay floors.

I still don't think I've had any real pregnancy cravings, just fluctuating taste. No other symptoms this week. One of my books said NO laying flat on your back after 16 weeks. I thought it was a little premature and my midwife confirmed it. She said I could continue to do yoga but if I became dizzy after lying flat on my back then just use something small to give even a tiny tilt to my torso. 

So without further ado, here's me after my appointment this morning. I wore something fitted to show off the belly, since hubby pointed out that's what "you're supposed to do in these kind of pictures". :)

Boy when I'm doing the "pregnant pose" it really does emphasize the bump. Without it I think I still just look pudgy.


  1. Oh, I think thats a popped baby bump! LOVE it!

  2. Yay! So happy you're gonna get to do Bradley!!!!! U look cute preggers! I read and was told not to lay on back aftr 16 weeks b/ c it restricts blood flow to baby....i don't believe short term like yoga would mostly refers to sleep or naps. Who's your Bradley insructor? Curious b/c Pcola didn't have one when I was prego with Corrie Lynn! So we were surprised a wee bit when we had gender US first time round.....boys run on Brian's side 5 generations. Of course girls on mine....yet i am alkaline...but the crucial factor was that my hubby is acidic...thus girls! Lol i was wondering how " crunchy" Robin was as a midwife as you are the only one I know who is her patient? Does she suggests herbal supplements for pregnancy? You are over the hump now! The best part of pregnancy is around the corner...and you let hem do all the work while u sip lemonade and make baby White! Lol


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