Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crazay fall weather

So in the area I live in the weather this time of year can be highly volatile. This week was just such! Monday and Tuesday were temperate, average, albeit still to warm. Like 80's. Then yesterday someone opened the flood gates and we had wind, TONS of rain, a lot of lightning and thunder. Then the temps began to drop. Then it rained more this morning and got more windy. Now the sun has come out and it's in the 70's. But it's supposed to be down to the 40's tonight and down the the upper 30's tomorrow night and stay pretty cool all weekend.

In this part of the state- there definitely comes a time when you can put away you "winter clothes" but there is never a time to put away you summer ones. On Christmas you could need a sweater, or you might need a t-shirt.
Ah, life in the South.

I know this is boring, but at this exact moment I can't think of anything else to blog about. Work is good, life is good, God is great. Lol. But in the morning John and I both get our paramedical exams for insurance. I am sure John would appreciate your prayers since he HATES needles :)

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