Monday, November 15, 2010

What I did this weekend

What a great one!
We all but finished the table! Three chairs still need a second coat, but that will come later. Plus I've already dinged it in some places where somehow the paint wasn't totally dry, even after 24+ hours. But here's the steps:


So that's what we did (and be we I mean me and my mom) Friday. Then hubby grilled and the 3 of us had gouda-topped burgers, skillet taters (so delish!) and raw baby carrots with spicy dip.

Saturday was fabulous! We had VIP seats to the airshow. Our town is very fortunate to be home to the Navy's precision flying team- the Blue Angels. There are 2 dedicated shows in our town each year for them, summer and fall. John won seats to their Homecoming Airshow, held on the Navy base right by our house. I've seen them lots of times, but it was so great from the VIP area. We were basically right at show center, and the parachuters landed like only 30ft in front of us. I'm so sad my camera is dead. Right now we are down to only what the phones will capture. Anyway, it was a warm sunny day and we got free food and drinks. And slight sunburns. Only in Florida!
That's the Blues parked on the right. The plane on the left was stunt airman John Goulian. He's quite a daredevil!

In the VIP section. The sun was beating on us.

The Naval Air Station Pensacola "Chalet" we got to sit in

Crazy sunburn- my shirt had a keyhole opening in the back, lol.
Saturday night we drove a friend to the airport, tried to watch Netflix but it was down, and played a little Mario Party 8 on Wii. It's pretty boring with only 2 people :)

Sunday we had another lunch guest, one of my good friends and bridesmaid, Hayley. I made a spinach/artichoke pasta recipe from Real Simple mag. I didn't like it. But they did, so that's good. I did love the grilled kielbasa. Oh it was yummy! Sunday after it was all cleaned up, John and I napped for about an hour. That was nice. The rest of the evening was very lazy for moi. Surfing the net, watching Netflix, running to the gas station for a pint of ice cream, lol, and staying up waaaaay too late reading a book. Which explains my lack of motivation to get up today. That and that I always feel like that Monday mornings!

Next post I'll share some recipes. Ttfn!

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