Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Love to get Christmas Cards!!!!

And I bet many of you do too!

My mom and I have sent out photo Christmas Cards for a few years now. The self-timer on my camera has been invaluable! My favorite cards to receive either have photos printed on them or in them. I just love to see how everyone is growing or changing! And if you throw in a newsletter, many kudos to you! I love those too but don't always take the time to write, edit and publish those.
This year I was thinking that John and I would forgo the cards in order to save money. I was kinda sad cause this would be our first Christmas as a married couple with 2 new doggies, and I'd love to share a greeting and photo with everyone!
But then I found out about this! 50 free cards for bloggers!

These are 2 I really like. I like ones that remind friends and family the reason for Christmas: Christ !

Shutterfly also has lots of other great photo products! I made a great photo calendar for John and I's first year of marriage using photos of us and putting a line from 1st Corinthians each month along with important dates. You could make one too! Like these:


Hold the phone!!!! The card above is soooooo me! I may get it. Reminds me such much of our wedding invitations and colors! I do LOVE monograms! Head here to pick up your cards!

Early Merry Christmas!


  1. Yay! So glad you got these! I adore the monogram! I didn't see that one before but may steal your pick! :)

  2. Thanks to you for posting about it or I would have never known! I do like that design. Wonder if they have it in red...


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