Monday, November 1, 2010

PS from the Tampa weekend

Just got a few more pics from this weekend I have to share:

From the wedding Saturday- this is the bouquet I made for the bride. Florals were done by the bride, bridesmaid and myself. But I got the honor of making the most important one :) I thought it turned out very nice :)
Professional pic to make it look fab!
Sunday we went shooting and hubby took these:

I'm a pretty decent shot- beware! : )
And now I'm throwing in some random pics of the kids
Ernie's pig expression. Too funny.

Ernie and mom happy and chillin

As soon as I get up, the dogs jump up to cuddle with dad

Eby clearly loves her costume

The faces of misery

Ernie loves his too

My handsome husband

Ernie's da man- full of testosterone!

Don't worry- I keep it waxed : )

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