Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Fun

So I feel like my blog is getting boring again. But what to do?

This weekend was long and fun! Mainly because it started at 12:01 am Friday with a trip to see the latest Harry Potter with a long-time friend and the hubby. It was just as good as all the others have been! Unfortunately we didn't see any kids dressed in character :(
I put in 5 hours at work that day, had a little nap, then darling husband and I went to dinner at a new-ish local place, the Five Sisters Blues Cafe. John got a $20 gift certificate for $10 through Groupon. It was nice, good atmosphere, good soul/Southern food. John had down-home turkey and dressing with cheese grits and black-eyed peas. I had ribs with same said grits and pineapple slaw. It was perty good. John LOVED it :)
Then we met up with 4 friends and walked around the last Gallery Night for this year. There weren't any special themes for this one, but we enjoyed seeing bizarre overpriced art items while listening to wanna-be's lend their voice to the open air, mostly fouling it. Lol. Not all the performers were bad. We even trekked all the way down to the pier to enjoy the nippy sea air, talk and oogle at the mega-boats and yachts and dream.

Saturday we went yard-sailing again. Mom tagged along. It was an average sort-of day. Nothing hugely special. John bought 4 Furby's. Apparently they still sell on eBay. Weird. I got a new pair of black round-toe  slingback heels for $1 (Old Navy brand) that I really like. And a pair of Nike Shocks for $2. And a Seminoles hat for $1. John got an Adidas long-sleeved Clima365 pullover. But we still had a nice time. Got a lot of small random things. Then after a nice, much-needed 2 hour nap, I high-tailed it out of the house with the kiddos to catch the last bit of daylight at the dog park. They did pretty good. There were a lot of big dogs this time so they didn't have anyone to play with really. But they did run a round with a Vizsla a little bit. Saturday night I made dinner and then did a late-night run to WalMart to prepare for Thanksgiving. Thankfully it was pretty empty there, YAY!

Sunday- I sat next to John this Sunday! Because I sat up on the platform behind the computer monitors with him. We had an abbreviated (no sermon) Thanksgiving service. Came home, made lunch, watched way too many episodes of 24, then got a wild hair and went out and bought our Christmas tree!!! Our first tree together :) It's sitting in a bucket all tied up still, soaking for 24-hrs, as directed. I can't wait to put it in the stand and let all the branches bloom.

I swear he was happy- he just hates being forced to pose :)

Louis at Lowe's said this was the first time anyone asked him to take their pic with their tree :) But he was a good sport. And yes, it was 70 degrees, so a green t-shirt and maroon cami is as festive as we got :)

Our middle seat passenger on the way home :)

Speaking of 24- man- this show is heart-pounding! I've never seen any, so John has us watching season 1 through Netflix, with all inappropriate-ness filtered by our ClearPlay, tuvm! We are 8 hours in. I can't believe it takes an entire season to get through 1 day/story. I am used to having to watch 1- 3 episodes to figure out the ending. Anyway, it still is really good, if a bit too gruesome at times.

A little eBay update- the pair of Toms I got for $2- sold for $28! And best yet- the Louis shoes I bought for $1, after re-listing from a non-paying-bidder problem, sold for $66. That's $20 more than they sold for the first time! Wahoo!

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